Parallels Desktop RC2 includes Compressor


Parallels has released Release Candidate 2 (RC2) of its Parallels Desktop software for Intel-based Macs. Parallels Desktop is a “virtual machine” that allows users to run Windows and other X86-compatible operating systems as windows within Mac OS X.

Parallels Desktop is clearly different from a PC emulator because it incorporated its technology into the Intel CPUs of the newer Macs. It works faster, and does not require a reboot like Apple’s Boot Camp software. Although not suitable for really run-intensive operations like games, Parallels Desktop offers enough speed for most users to use Windows productivity applications and other software while keeping Mac OS X and Mac applications running at the same time.

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Parallels Desktop RC2 includes many changes. A notable one is the inclusion of Parallels Compressor Server Edition technology, which will be included in this release. Parallels Compressor improves performance and conserves physical hard disk space if you are using Windows 2000, XP, or 2003. Parallels estimates that it can reduce the size of your virtual machine’s hard disk by 50 percent or more.

With this inclusion of the Parallels Compressor, Parallels Desktop will cost $ 79.99 in its final release, about $ 49.99, the price previously announced. Customers who deposited preorders for $ 39.99 will receive it at that price.

Source: Macworld

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