PayPal and Newzoo: a new investigation on the number of electronic sports in Italy and Europe

PayPal and the company that deals with statistical analysis Newzoo carried out a European survey on the competitive gaming sector at the European level, with special attention to our country.

The survey was conducted online among more than 1,000 (10,175 in total in all markets) viewers of exports (aged 18 to 45 years) in 10 European markets (Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain , Sweden and the United Kingdom). Research focuses on a variety of topics, including e-sports-related spending and spending habits, barriers to online payments, the impact of COVID-19, and growing role of women as export consumers.

According to the analysis that emerged from the investigation carried out in the period immediately after the blockade (between May 29 and June 28, 2020), electronic sports appear as a consolidated phenomenon in the Old Continent. With a 7.4% increase compared to 2019Europe’s esports audience will grow to 92 million fans by the end of this year, according to Newzoo data.

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Among these, it seems, will be counted 33 million fans and 59 million occasional viewers. The increase in revenue is also significant: the export market will generate turnover of $ 973.9 million in 2020, which will grow to $ 1.6 billion by 2023.

L ‘Italy has the highest percentage of esports enthusiasts (40%) among the 10 European countries where the survey was conducted. Furthermore, Italians are the most social esports viewers in Europe, with 42% of the public claiming to enjoy esports themed content with friends, the highest percentage among the 10 European countries surveyed. Only 32% of Italian esports viewers have their own favorite team. The ranking is led by Fnatic (probable the trailer given by the presence of Giorgio Calandrelli, also known as Pow3r), follows G2 me alliance.

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Research also reveals that 59% of esports viewers in Italy (among those who support a traditional sports team) would like to see their favorite team compete on the esports scene. the 78% of esports enthusiasts in Italy he declared to have benefited from a more thematic content during the introduction of COVID-19 restrictions, a percentage among the highest among the European countries examined, after Spain (70%) and the United Kingdom (66%).

66% of the Italian public also stated that they would continue to enjoy a greater amount of e-sports-themed content even after the end of the restrictive measures. 72% of Italian esports fans who play video games said they have spent more time playing since March 2020.

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“Electronic sports go beyond the simple concept of gaming: it is a fusion of sports and entertainment capable of entertaining millions of people around the world.” Maria Teresa Minotti, PayPal Italy Director. “In recent years this sector has exponentially increased its viewers, as well as spending related to exports has grown significantly thanks to a series of products that can be purchased within video games, such as elements for the personalization of avatars and virtual teams, but also to physical merchandise sponsored by the most famous official teams and competitions.

The results generated in recent years by exports and the growth potential of the sector are clear indicators of the need to pay special attention to them. We are aware of how important it is to guarantee easy payments in each transaction, that is why we consider it a privilege to be able to support, more and more, those who are passionate about exporting. “

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With respect to female audience, Italian esports viewers are among the most inclined to buy. It is a constantly growing number that women are interested in this world: around 60% of respondents in Europe agree that the number of women involved in esports is growing. Although men are more likely to be esports enthusiasts (38%) than women (27%), the likelihood that one of them has purchased esports-themed products in the past year is higher.

In fact, just under half (48%) of the European female audience have purchased export-related products in the last 12 months, compared to 46% of the male audience. The study shows how Italian women are among the most likely to buy export products. (53%) – second after the Spanish (56%), but ahead of the French (51%). Finally, while European women say they prefer physical products like team sponsored products, men mainly buy in-game digital products, like skin OR sticker.

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