Per Aspera arrives on PC on December 3

Per Aspera gets release date

For Aspera is a planetary simulation game and mainly focused on the public of the SQUARE and that recently got a release date. So the Raw Fury and the developers of Tlön Industries decided to announce the arrival of the game for the day December 3 this year.

The new game features a very strong dubbing team, such as: Troy Baker (plays Joel in The Last of Us), Phil LaMarr among others. This title will be very challenging for players who will have to know more about applied science and basic construction.

This title can now be added to your wish list at Steam and in! In addition, all players will have a new chance to play the game demo that is part of Steam Spring Festival!

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? Balance a complex network of resources to build interconnected structures that span the entire planet.

? Customize your terraforming plan with research trees full of possibilities – develop new technologies steeped in real-world science to create a thriving interplanetary civilization.

? Cultivate relationships with your human settlers and ensure continued survival on the unforgiving surface of Mars. The way you choose to forge these relationships will impact how your mission ends.

? Discover the mystery of a threatening presence on Mars and defend your colonies from unknown and combative forces.

? Immerse yourself in a rich and engaging narrative with the voice talents of Troy Baker, Phil LaMarr, Laila Berzins, Yong Yea, Linsey Murrell and Nneka Okoye or take the time and create the perfect Martian landscape with Sandbox mode.

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See the trailer below:

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