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PS: App Store downloads top 100 million apps worldwide

PS: App Store downloads top 100 million apps worldwide

Apple today announced that iPhone and iPod touch users have downloaded more than 100 million apps from its revolutionary App Store since it was released on July 11, 2008. Right now, the App Store offers more 3,000 apps, with over 90 percent priced under $10 and over 600 free. Apps can take advantage of iPhone’s large display, innovative Multi-Touch user interface, fast hardware-accelerated 3D graphics, a built-in accelerometer and location-based technology to create unrivaled mobile apps.

The unique capabilities of iPhone, a simple SDK, and the ability to reach an audience of millions through the App Store made it an easy development option for us.says John Pollard, CEO of Jott. To date, Jott for the iPhone has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, which has been an overwhelming success for our company..

Since I had a full-time job, I used the iPhone SDK to create Trisim in my spare time, but even in my wildest dreams I never imagined this amazing resultsays Steve Demeter, founder of Demiforce. “Selling more than 27,000 downloads in the first three weeks has given me both a not insignificant new source of income, as well as exciting professional opportunities that I did not have a couple of months ago“.

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When I was 18 and a member of the iPhone Developer Program, I won a scholarship to Apple’s WWDC and worked hard to finish my app over the summer“, commented Bryan Henry, developer of Equivalence. “This was so much fun to work on and quite frankly the most lucrative summer job of my life – I made over $8,000 in my first month of App Store sales!“.

We count 300 percent more registrations on the App Store than any other registration service we have“said Chris MacAskill, co-founder of SmugMug. “We’ve been able to do things with our iPhone app that we never would have imagined for any other mobile platform – these are revolutionary times for us and for iPhone and iPod touch users.“.

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On iPhone, the App Store works over Wi-Fi and mobile networks, so users can wirelessly download apps directly to their iPhone or iPod touch and start using them right away. Apps are either free or uploaded to the user’s iTunes account and the App Store notifies them of available updates to their apps. The App Store is also available in iTunes (www.itunes.es ) for Mac or PC, and allows you to sync applications with the iPhone or iPod touch through a USB cable.