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PS5: 5 easy ways to customize your console

PS5: 5 easy ways to customize your console

Don’t you like the color of your PS5? Here are some original ways to customize the aesthetics of your console!

The color of yours PS5 does not convince you? Would you like a special edition console, but Sony hasn’t created any yet and is that base already quite limited? Then this video is for you. While there are no official alternative colorways yet and Sony blocks anyone who creates custom wings, here are 5 original ways to customize the aesthetics of the PlayStation 5.

Provided you have managed to buy one.

An inexpensive and unobtrusive modification is to apply a small sticker inside the console to change the playstation logo. There are several on etsy, but we point out the one with the original colors: a real blast from the past!

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Change the dualsense skin

On several stores they sell silicone cases that cover all the DualSense, but we don’t particularly like them; to customize the controller then we prefer a nice colored faceplate. There are various types online, starting with those produced by DecorEvolve.

Use stickers

A little old school but still popular, stickers are an inexpensive way to decorate your devices. For the PS5 wings, there are some created ad hoc on Flaming Toast, but you can always use many smaller stickers to customize PS5 with your favorite theme.

Change the color of the LEDs

The stickers have the advantage of going well on everything. But absolutely everything. Here then is that on Flaming Toast we also find some for change the color of the LEDs. How do you prefer them? Pink, red or rainbow?

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Paint the wings

If you feel a bit like Michelangelo, a bit Banksy, you can use the wings as two beautiful white sheets and give vent to your creativity armed with spray cans. If, on the other hand, you have the artistic vein of a platypus, do not despair. There are already many artists who can paint them for you!

But these are all relatively unobtrusive ways: the internet is already full of geeks who are modifying their consoles in a more extreme way. What are your favorite mods? And how do you usually customize your consoles? Let us know in the comments below.