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PS5 and DualSense: battery capacity and life compared to PS4 controller

In addition to our unmissable review of the PlayStation 5, the expiration of the embargo allows the industry to press the opportunity to lay out in detail all the knowledge dedicated to Sony’s nextgen console, including analysis on the capacity and effective duration of the DualSense controller.

Among the many analyzes published in these hours by colleagues from the international press, we mention the in-depth analysis carried out by the journalists of TrustedReviews that starts from the comparison between the battery capacity of the PS5 DualSense with that of the PS4 DualShock 4 controller.

The TrustedReviews analysis confirms the data anticipated in recent months by Sony and the data sheet with the PS5 specifications, highlighting how the PlayStation 5 DualSense has an internal battery of 1,560 mAh, with a capacity approximately 1.5 times greater to the battery 1,000 mAh from DualShock 4 for PS4.

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However, the increased capacity of the DualSense does not appear to correspond to a similar improvement in the lifespan of the controller. In tests conducted by our editorial team, in fact, we found that in games that make extensive use of DualSense features, such as Astro’s Playroom, effective longevity does not exceed 4 hours, and this after having performed a complete recharge cycle. In titles like Spider-Man Miles Morales, however, these values ​​increase and arrive at 6 o’clock.

Reporters from TrustedReviews and PSU.com, on the other hand, claim to have brought the longevity of DualSense up to 13 hours, but presumably after testing the PlayStation 5 controller with backward compatible titles or games that do not fully exploit the functionality of the adaptive triggers, of the microphone or of apathetic feedback. In principle, therefore, we can say that the battery life of the DualSense is influenced by the context of the video game, especially in those titles that exploit its hardware peculiarities.

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As usual, feel free to use the comment board to share your opinions and give us ideas to follow. test DualSense features.