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PS5 interface: game installation, friends activities and all information


PS5 interface: game installation, friends activities and all information

In these hours we have learned a lot of new information on PS5, and in this article we will focus on the new game interface and the possibilities to install the titles and take a look at the activities in which friends are involved.

We continue to dissect the Wired article even today, this time focusing on the scarce but super interesting information regarding thegame interface and data management.

First of all also PS5 will force players to install titles before they can be played. On the other hand, the difference between the speed of the optical reader and that of the brand new SSD that will be mounted on the console will be even higher than today’s distance between the reader and hard disk and it would make no sense not to fully exploit so much power. This time, however, the control we will have over the installation will be much greater than in the past thanks to a new data management, much lighter and simpler than in the past, guaranteed by the new super-performing SSD.

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According to the words of Mark Cerny, the brilliant developer behind the PS5 technological architecture, now the console’s operating system will no longer manage games as huge blocks of indivisible data but will allow access to this data in a customizable and granular way. . For example, it will be possible to install only the multiplayer mode of the game, leaving out the single player campaign, or the player can choose to install everything and uninstall the single player component as soon as the campaign is finished, so as to recover the space occupied.

But the even more interesting part is that which concerns thePS5 interfacethe dashboard to be clear, the one that keeps us company while we are there to decide what to play.

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We all know how motionless and frozen the PS4 home screen is. You can see your friends’ recent activities and what they are playing but there is no way to go into detail about their actions without physically starting each individual game.

With PS5 all this will be a simple memory since the new console will show in real time the activities of friends directly from the interface of the operating system, without having to start the titles. This means, in practice, that multiplayer games, through a constant connection with the servers, will be able to show in real time the activities in which our friends are participating, giving us the opportunity to join on the fly. While single player video games will show from the dashboard the missions that we still have or can carry out, also indicating the prizes and trophies that we can receive once we have completed them. All constantly and clearly visible from the main PS5 interface. The player will be spoiled for choice.

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A really very interesting element of PS5 and that is closely linked to the introduction of the new generation SSD, is precisely this dizzying reduction of loading times and more generally than the expectations we have been accustomed to by the latest generations of consoles with an optical reader.

What emerges from the Wired article and from the words of Marco Trush, the president of Bluepoint Games, the team of the remake of Shadow of the Colossus and Laura Miele, the head of the studies of Electronic Arts, PS5 will allow to eliminate once per all those little tricks implemented in games to hide the uploads. No more corridors, elevators, doors that take time to open: thanks to PS5 we will go back to the days of cartridge games, to consoles where titles loaded instantly. But this time we will no longer have the graphics, physical and computing limitations of the old platforms. Somehow we will also be very close to the recent video games for smartphones and tablets that we are used to download and install with great speed and to start with a couple of touches, entering the game in an extremely shorter time than what we usually expect on PS4 and Xbox. One.

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As Laura Miele reiterated in the interview, we are about to enter the generation of immediacy and this could really represent a turning point. Are you too optimistic? Or do you think that between textures in 4k, increasingly heavier engines and increasingly vast games, it can’t be all that easy? Let us know what you think below in the comments!