PS5 On Demand: Is Sony considering customizable covers that are easy to replace?


Important information regarding the debut of Playstation 5, first of all the release date and the price with which it will land on the game market.

However, there is the possibility that even one more detail could make its appearance in Sony’s planned communication strategy for the next few months. In fact, in June, the vice president of Sony’s User Experience Design section, Matt MacLaurin, had promised alternative designs for the PlayStation 5, with the console potentially offering possibilities in terms of personalization non-existent in current and past generations.

To evoke these words, and the hope for new announcements related to the subject, was the appearance of an alleged leak of photos of the next-gen hardware, which immortalizes the ease with which the cover of the PS5 could be freely removed and replaced. a possible PS5 deck line dedicated to the video game icons of the PlayStation world, individual titles or franchises: in short, an alternative approach to the more traditional special edition consoles. To analyze these rumor, Everyeye’s editorial team has created a video dedicated, which you can see directly at the opening of this news or on the YouTube channel Everyeye.

  Sony eager to know if The Elder Scrolls will be on PS5

What do you think: the possibility of one intriguing you PlayStation 5 “à la carte”?

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