PS5, the DualSense is a ‘lovable toy’: the enthusiasm of the Deathloop team


Following the announcement of the temporary exclusivity of Deathloop on PS5, the team of Arkane, part of the Bethesda family, returns to discuss Sony’s new hardware.

Expressing oneself in this regard is specifically Dinga Bakaba, Game Director responsible for the development of Deahloop, in the course in a video interview with fellow During the chat, which you can find in full format directly at the opening of this news, the author of the video game highlighted how there are different reasons for his team to be excited about PlayStation 5. Among the reasons cited are i improvements coming in terms of visual fidelity and of frames per secondThe latter being particularly relevant for a team committed to a title with adrenaline-fueled gameplay.

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However, the potential that Dinga Bakaba offers seems to excite the most creative mind. DualSense, controller destined to pick up the legacy of the DualShock 4. The director reiterated that Deathloop will exploit the features of the PS5 pad: features like the apathetic feedback No fire resistivi in fact, they are presented as very interesting for Arkane, traditionally dedicated to the development of first-person games and therefore to the constant search for tools with which to guarantee greater immersion. “I think every game designer in the world who has gotten their hands on DualSense thinks it is a lovely toy, – He concluded – and I think the players will also appreciate those functions «.

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