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PS5 updates: a new system update has been released for the console

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With Playstation 5 Already available in many major markets, including the United States of America, Japan, and Canada, it’s no wonder that Sony has already started making some early updates available.

A few days after the debut in the international video game market and now a very short distance from the arrival of hardware in European countries, the PlayStation 5 software is updated to version 20.02-02.25.00. The size of the system patch is approximately 886 MB and the download is now available for those in possession of the next-generation console. On the front of the changes made by the update, Sony has unfortunately not lavished much detail on it. The description of the patch simply informs users that installing it will help improve the stability of the system.

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At the moment, therefore, it is not clear if the update will help to solve or reduce the incidence of some technical problems on the PlayStation 5. After the launch of the console, several users have reported some unexpected events while using the new hardware. . debuts in the video-production market. Among these, the large Resetera community – who tried to take stock of the situation – mentioned in particular connectivity problems through the use of LAN cable and sudden failures for the PS5’s sleep mode.

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