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PS5 will receive VRR technology in a future update

Update to add PS5 VRR will be in the near future

With the new arrival of PS5 on the market, Sony is releasing information about his plans and news for the console. So this time, the Japanese company has revealed that it will add the technology VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) to PlayStation 5 that will come through an update that will arrive in the future. So if you have a television or monitor with support for HDMI 2.1 you may not be very satisfied with this information, since the Microsoft already has the technology at its launch.

Although the Sony offer the technology in its new console, it is not available at its launch. This way, the consumer feels a little frustrated, for remembering that the Xbox one it had had this resource for about three years now. So it remains to wait for the arrival of this patch that will update the software to adhere to this improvement in games that have the VRR, that is, avoiding dropping frames.

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This feature of Variable Refresh Rate allows the best TVs and monitors on the market to offer you the best experience in compatible games. Therefore, this technology should offer the best performance in games with more than 60fps.

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