PS5: Will we see the user interface soon? Buzz about new PlayStation 5 dev kits


While we wait for new information about Playstation 5, comes a new rumor from the net that may have given us some clues about Sony’s plans for the next few weeks.

The well-known insider Tidux has provided a new update to his followers stating with some certainty that Sony is about to send to the software houses. the new PlayStation 5 dev kits with retail mode, “So developers can see what the final configuration will be.” In other words, they will have access to the console user interface, the same one that will be available to players when they buy it. It turns out that current PS5 dev kits would be equipped with the PS4 retail mode.

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According to Tidux, delivery must be made within the next two weeks, therefore, Sony would be preparing to show user interface publicly to anticipate and nip any unauthorized information leakage in the bud. The reasoning for inside information is situated, the point is that we cannot in any way verify what he said. Therefore, we invite you to take these speculations with a grain of salt.

So far, the Japanese company has only given us a look at the user interface of PlayStation 5. Yesterday, however, the first information about the new PS5 feature called Activities, which will allow you to launch specific sections of the games directly from the board, it was leaked games.

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