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Qualcomm creates its “app store” for mobile

Qualcomm creates its “app store” for mobile

Qualcomm has introduced Plaza. It is a platform-independent wireless Internet service that provides a common framework for the development and implementation of widgets, which will allow operators to offer fast and personalized mobile Internet access to end users. With the introduction of Plaza, operators and developers can produce and deliver Internet-based content on their devices to enable the use of wireless data services, as well as improve user loyalty and ultimately increase average revenue. per user.

Plaza’s goal is to enable operators to offer greater simplicity and personalization of users’ mobile Internet experience. Combined with subscriber intelligence features and corresponding technical means, both Plaza’s user experience and the widget framework itself will enable operators to provide their users with a complete mobile Internet solution. As an integrated marketing platform, Plaza also plays an important role in generating additional revenue for operators by enabling targeted campaigns to be launched within the widget ecosystem.

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“By supporting cross-platform devices, the Plaza solution offers a suite of applications that build on the success and expertise of Qualcomm’s renowned BREW ecosystem, enabling publishers, developers and operators to deliver mobile Internet to users, and it is a source of revenue for both operators and content providers,” said Andrew Gilbert, executive vice president and president of Qualcomm Internet Services, MediaFLO Technologies and Qualcomm Europe. “Plaza has been designed to be compatible with different widgets created by different sources, including operators, web companies and the main brands in the sector, since they all have the same objective: to encourage the adoption of the mobile Internet by users. We are confident that providing users with an easy way to extend their Internet experiences to mobile devices will help increase interest in data services.”

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Plaza extends its benefits to content providers by allowing them to easily create useful widgets to direct users to their service offerings. Whether it’s traditional websites, information services or content stores, Plaza allows you to enjoy a series of indirect benefits, while providing a source of income for products or services. Plaza uses open standards for widget development, enabling the Web development community to create widgets for the mobile Internet environment, without excluding traditional mobile application developers. In addition, it also supports the development of widgets by users. Qualcomm actively collaborates with carriers to define and fine-tune the full Plaza experience prior to release.