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  7. Red Dead Redemption 2: impressions and information from the second trailer

Red Dead Redemption 2: impressions and information from the second trailer

Red Dead Redemption 2: impressions and information from the second trailer

It opens with a couple of impressive shots, the second official trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2capable of recounting in a few seconds the wild beauty of the border, the myth of the man who defies a ruthless and overwhelming nature.
And the Look to leave immediately impressed: the expanse of the horizon, a column of smoke that gently disperses in a clear sky, the grass flooded by the oblique light of sunset. A declaration of intentions from Rockstar, which testifies to the desire to surpass, from a technical point of view, all its previous productions. To highlight, as in fact it was in first trailer – it is above all the lighting work, simply perfect in night scenes, full and expressive even when the violent midday sun (burning) hits the sets and protagonists.

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But as the excited sequence of scenes will show, they also got better. character animationsthe polygonal modeling of the objects on the screen (probably helped by the fact that the views of the West are less dense than the urban views of contemporary America), and above all the expressiveness of the faces, now capable of supporting convincing the ever-attentive voice acting.
Unfortunately, beyond technical considerations, very little can be said about the gameplay: if this second trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 has a flaw, this is not so much its brevity, but the absence of sequences explicitly drawn from the phases of the game. It would take a little, very little, to raise the fanbase’s excitement even further, and instead Rockstar decides to make us wait. After all, between now and spring 2018 (the period in which the official release is scheduled) is still a long way off.
Instead, the trailer gives us something about the story and allows us to discover interesting details. Like the presence of a new protagonistArthur Morgan, an outlaw enlisted in the Van der Linde gang.
We are talking, and fans of the first chapter, of the Dutch-led outlaw group, in which old leading man John Marston also played. Therefore, it seems confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 It will be set in an era before the original chapter, and maybe good old Marston will even decide to make an appearance.
About the character of the protagonist, unfortunately, we can still say little, but it will be interesting to understand if the plot will address the “criminal” themes that also emerge from the arrogance in GTA, instead of telling another “redemptive” story like that. of the first chapter. Marston and Morgan seem to be two opposite characters: the first resigned and disillusioned, the second brazen and reckless. In addition, the two eras that the titles want to tell will also be profoundly different. The first Red Dead Redemption takes place in the last decades of the conquest of the West: in those years, that is, in which the emergence of a new corporate scene, of bourgeois and gentlemen, had now supplanted the myth of the conquest and the border.

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The idea that the West was the land of wealth and opportunities, vanished before the interests of the railway companies, the extermination of the natives, intensive hunting, had definitely died, leaving room for deep disenchantment, and the awareness of that even by “escaping” to shore, no one could be truly free.
This second episode, on the other hand, must be set in other years, such as the still poor, dilapidated and somehow contained settlements: years of struggle and fervor, in which the cemeteries were still empty and enthusiasm drove the new settlers. . A setting, in short, a little more classic, for a title that has no qualms about mentioning and celebrating the great genre cinema: with situations and shots that seem to come from the most recent masterpieces of Western filmography, and other references to Hollywood landmarks of yesteryear.
The idea that is manifested, seeing the new trailer, is that Red Dead Redemption 2 it may have the ambition to become a great interactive encyclopedia of the Wild West, “wrapping” settings and situations and then reassembling them into a multifaceted mosaic. Even in terms of variety of settings, the game doesn’t want to miss a thing, including post towns, sunny ranches, snowy expanses, and pristine forests. Not forgetting the crocodile infested swamps and rugged Rocky Mountain views.

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Unfortunately, nothing can be said, however, of the situations that will make up the campaign trailer: the trailer seems to suggest the presence of hunting sequences, and perhaps some shots that will be staged together with Dutch’s gang. One type of activity, the latter, which could easily “seep” into the online components of the title, not yet confirmed but absolutely plausible. It seems unlikely, furthermore, that Rockstar wants to abandon the “two-sided” structure of GTA: a title capable of satisfying players in search of a great story and a solid open world, but also existing as an addictive online experience. and parallel, long-distance supported by microtransactions.
In the absence of any other information, all considerations regarding the gameplay and the structure of the game remain mere speculation, prompted by some timid hint that Rockstar has cleverly spread in this second official video, perhaps a little less shocking than we would have expected. However, between now and next year, there will be plenty of opportunities to show something else. The hope, therefore, is that by the end of 2017 Red Dead Redemption 2 Decide to show yourself with more conviction.