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Red Dead Redemption 2 | Rockstar reveals cities and their postcards

Discover some of the cities spread across the vast and diverse landscape of Red Dead Redemption 2. From the forests of Elizabeth of the West to the mountains of Amber, from the plains of New Hanover to the marshes of Lemoyne.


A noisy, hostile and chaotic city in the Heartlands, Valentine organizes cattle auctions that attract traders, ranchers, cowboys, gamblers, outlaws and prostitutes from all over the place – all wanting to make money, make trouble and have fun.


Life is not easy for miners and their families in Annesburg, a city that has been supplying coal along the Lannahechee River for almost a century. Working conditions are terrible, wages are low and many men have already lost their lives in the toil.

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St Denis

One of the main ports of entry to North America, with a commercial route that crosses the entire country, the bustling city of Saint Denis is a melting pot of cultures and peoples, where businessmen, members of high society, sailors, workers, beggars and thieves live side by side.

Mount Hagen

One of the best known peaks in Grizzlies, Amber, Mount Hagen rises over Lake Isabella to the west and over Beartooth Creek to the east, which offers the main passage through the mountain range and meets the Dakota River further south.


Despite their upright and correct appearance, tensions and corruption have deep roots in the southern city of Rhodes, which for years has been hit by the crossfire between the Braithwaites and the Grays, two families of landowners at war.

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Strawberry was just a small logging town until the arrival of its new mayor, an East Coast eccentric obsessed with turning it into a cultural hub for wealthy tourists, to the perplexity of its inhabitants.


A small and remote settlement near the marshes of Bayou Nwa, Lemoyne, Lagras has a self-sufficient population, earning a little money here and there through fishing and acting as guides for travelers who want to explore the region.