Renewal of “Energy Star” the environmental standard


As computers become more and more powerful, the amount of electrical energy they consume increases proportionately. In many situations, such as room servers, increasing power throughput has become a growing concern, and electronics companies are beginning to take notice.

Today, the Intel leader announced his support for the latest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. Intel says it will begin shipping CPUs and support chips that help system builders adapt to the EPA’s “Energy Star” seal of approval.

Long-time computer users will remember the “Energy Star” logo that many systems proudly display on their monitors. The Energy Star program was created in 1992 and was first applied to computer products, but later expanded to applications such as refrigerators and stoves. The EPA estimates that energy savings in the United States due to the Energy Star program were approximately $ 10 billion in 2004.

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The current Energy Star set of specifications has ended and the new “Version 4.0 Tier 1” goes into effect on July 20, 2007. These specifications supersede the Version 3.0 Tier 2 standard that has been in effect since July 2000. The specification covers desktop and laptop computers, game consoles, handhelds, and PDAs.

Source: ArsTechnica

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