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Resident Evil 2: The Ghost Survivors, video review of the free DLC

Resident Evil 2: The Ghost Survivors, video review of the free DLC

After the great reception received by the Resident Evil 2 remake comes an interesting free DLC called The Ghost Survivors: our video review.

Resident Evil 2: The Ghost Survivors includes three non-canonical and alternative stories that run parallel to the adventure lived by Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, with different personages main: Robert Kendo, owner of the gun shop who experiences the tragedy of his little girl turned into a zombie but finds the strength to react; Katherine Warren, daughter of the mayor of Raccoon City, who must escape from the clutches of the chief of police; and Ghost, one of the mercenaries serving the Umbrella Corporation, whose goal is to recover the G.

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However, those who thought that The Ghost Survivors offered content in line with the mechanics of the Resident Evil 2 campaign will unfortunately be disappointed. What the developers have achieved, in fact, are just variants of the modality The 4th Survivor, therefore survival to be completed by completing a different path and counting on few ammunition and resources. In this case it is possible to opt for two different levels of difficulty, the standard one and the “training” one, quite banal, which allows you to clearly frame the routes and threats present, memorizing the things to do and taking advantage of a much more generous endowment. than normal, as well as opponents who go down with just a couple of headshots.

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The degree of normal challenge is rather demanding, both because you have to save bullets and the zombies do not want to know they are dying, and because some types of new enemies are valued, in this case the poisonous undead, the gruesome “pale” hybrids. and zombies wearing military armor. The mission “On the run”, starring Katherine Warren, is the simplest of the lot: in this alternate story the girl manages to kill the chief Irons and tries to escape from his house, but she finds several padlocks along the way and must therefore look for the relative keys in order to open them. Making her life more difficult will be the aforementioned pale monsters, undead dogs and traditional zombies galore, but the final reveal is an interesting reward for completing the level.

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“Life goes on”, which puts us in the shoes of Robert Kendo, is instead characterized by an intermediate degree of difficulty: the protagonist takes up a shotgun and must make his way through hordes of zombies and their poisonous variants to reach a safe area and take advantage of a passage to escape the city. In this case he will also find the huge monsters of the sewers and the constant threat of intoxication, which slows down the movements and makes the character cough suddenly, perhaps while he is about to hit a fast approaching enemy. The most difficult mission of the three is the one with the soldier Ghostequipped with a more refined equipment but with medium-high level enemies along the way, including the unstoppable Mister X. During a few moments it actually seems to relive the sequences of Hunk in the aforementioned The 4th Survivor mode.

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Capcom has always presented The Ghost Survivors as a mode consisting of three different missions, precisely those starring Robert Kendo, Katherine Warren and Ghost, but completing them all unlocks a fourth secret mission, similar to a sort of horde mode. None of the protagonists of The Ghost Survivors are asked to solve puzzles or activate switches – the purpose of the gameplay it is only that of reaching the end of the course in the shortest possible time, in what is a real speedrun that is naturally timed by the system, challenging us every time to do better. To finish a run it takes about ten to fifteen minutes, so we are talking about fairly short missions but capable of giving a hard time.

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Inside the locations there are no objects to collect, except those found in the backpacks that some zombies carry on their shoulders and at the few distributors scattered in the scenario, which ask to choose only one content among three alternatives. The end result is therefore an adrenaline-pumping mix of challenge, tactics and skill, interesting for some narrative revelations. On the front of the graphics A great job has been done: although the locations selected for the courses are the same as those seen in the Resident Evil 2 campaign, there are some interesting variations regarding the enemies, while the polygonal models of the protagonists boast good animations and an excellent detail level.

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Of course, it would have been nice to have to deal with content with greater depth, which could perhaps deepen the interesting alternative stories of the protagonists, but in the end, that’s okay too: after all The Ghost Survivors is a free package that allows you to appreciate missions with new enemies, and keep us glued to the terrifying Capcom universe for a while longer. For more details, please read the full review of the DLC.