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Rocket League to receive Fortnite content in new event

Rocket League hosts event and becomes free today, 23

Rocket League becomes free today and is about to have a big in-game event to celebrate. After being acquired by Epic Games last year, the football game with cars and Fortnite is about to come together in Llama-Rama.

Llama-Rama is a Rocket League event that starts on September 26 and runs through October 12. In the meantime, you’ll be able to complete a series of Event Challenges to unlock Fortnite-themed items. Even the Battle Bus itself can be unlocked. Completing Event Challenges will also give you rewards in Fortnite, so if you regularly play both, it’s worth checking out.

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Free-to-play from 23 September

THE Psyonix announced that Rocket League, the car game that mixes football elements in its gameplay, will become free-to-play, free to play from September 23 this year.

Not only that, the developer announced an update next Wednesday (24th) to prepare ground for new players, which includes improvements and news in the rankings and tournaments.

From the same day, the game will be available from the Epic Games Store. At launch, the game will win two new cosmetic items: the Sun Ray Boost and the Hot Rocks Trail.

Users who redeem the game between September 23 and October 23 will also receive a $ 10 coupon that can be used on other games and items within the store.

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In the PlayStation Store, games and console apps store, the news appears next to the official description of the game:


Accelerate for free through the next chapter of the Rocket League from 9/23! Download and compete in this high-capacity hybrid that combines arcade football and car chaos with the biggest update ever! Have fun with the renewed features, including tournaments and challenges, and enjoy multiplatform progress and more! Try it!

Rocket League is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.