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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – Direct Test

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – Direct Test

in 2002 IQ Games It started its activity as an independent developer in Warsaw, and in a few years it became one of the leading studios in Poland. The Sniper Ghost Warrior series, an FPS capable of distancing itself considerably from the usual shooters that we are used to seeing, is flanked by cutting-edge productions and with Lords of The Fallen, edited by Bandai Namco in Italy, there is a real leap in quality. A vertical growth for the company, which pushes the guys from the development team to aim even higher, taking Sniper Ghost Warrior and revolutionizing its foundations, transforming it into a brave and sometimes unpredictable game. So we sneaked into the studios to try out the production for the first time and get our impressions back.

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A new beginning

The first big news concerning Ghost Warrior 3 Sniper is represented by the complete abandonment of the classic linear quests, in favor of a free roam mode that will allow you to freely switch between different areas of play. The campaign, according to the developers, will be very complex and will even leave room for a whole series of alternative endings depending on the choices made by the player. We will put ourselves in the shoes of an American soldier, whose brother was kidnapped years before in a violent shootout and, fortunately, was seen right in Georgia, where our mission takes us.

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Unfortunately, there are no more details about the plot: IQ Games I wanted to keep this aspect completely under wraps, to leave players with the joy of discovery. During our test, therefore, we were able to focus solely on the gameplay. However, remember that the practice is based on a preliminary version of the product, still untouched and devoid of many features that will be included in the final version. Killcams, for example, were completely absent in the demo, but it was confirmed that they will be added at a later point and will be further improved compared to the ones in the second chapter. Therefore, the intention of the developers for this event was very clear: let us spend two full hours in the company of the support structure of Ghost Warrior 3 Sniper and convincing ourselves that, even without all the necessary tinkering, the shooter we’ll get our hands on in early 2017 will be a solid, winning title.
But the truth, as often, lies somewhere in the middle: we are looking at a decidedly brave product, but too dispersive and incapable of offering a high-level challenge. The decently sized new open map structure offers too many paths for the player, who will find themselves able to take out entire Separatist camps with extreme ease, bringing an AI overwhelmed by the multitude of decisions to its knees. . Hide from the gunshots? Trying to locate the enemy? Starting to shoot blindly in a hypothetical direction of the shot? All questions that make the game more realistic from a certain point of view, but that confuse an AI unable to react in the best way. Far Cry’s structure, therefore, with outposts often exposed to our viewer, does not go well with a game that should make sniping one of its strong points, leaving rival soldiers really too vulnerable. Things get better on more guided missions, with short-range objectives that need to be completed in sequence, and in areas where close-range engagement is unavoidable. In short, Sniper Ghost Warrior is an experience that has only partially satisfied us, and on which IQ Games it still has a lot of work to do to reach the promised standards.

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The player is a lonely street dog, without the support of his base of operations but equipped with a whole series of modern and particularly effective tools. Distributed throughout the different game areas there will be specific caves where we can sleep while passing the hours, to act at night or under the scorching sun, but also where we will find ammunition boxes for supplies. There will also be a handy crafting table where you can build bombs, explosives, or buy new weapons and gadgets.

Our inseparable companion will be a flying reconnaissance drone, which we can use as we please, and thanks to which we can detect all the enemies. With a tag system already seen a thousand times in similar games, we can follow the movements of the patrols, discover the weapons of the soldiers and even see their shape through the walls. Planning assaults is therefore child’s play and it will not always be necessary to carry out a massacre to achieve the objective of the mission. Ghost Warrior 3 Sniper in fact, he wants to leave the player total freedom on what to do and above all on how to do it, allowing him different approaches even in the same mission. You can then take out enemies from a distance one by one with the rifle, make things more personal by charging into the fray with your trusty AK 47, or even go into contact areas and silently take out only the soldiers who stand between you. and yours. goal, and then escape without a trace. In this the title IQ Games succeeds very well, also supported by a character growth system with related branches and talents, which will provide special bonuses depending on how well you complete the quest. If you complete the tasks successfully, the game will assign you a grade based on three specific criteria, and based on your results, you will get the relative experience points to spend at the connected branches. This way you will have the opportunity to increase your health points, move more quietly, decrease stamina consumption during sprints, but also hold your breath longer while aiming.
From a ballistics point of view, you really can’t complain, with really excellent response from shots and a believable bullet parabola, significantly influenced by both wind and distance. We also found the possibility of manually adjusting the sight of the rifle, to increase the zoom and predict the trajectory of the bullets more carefully, very interesting. At this juncture, the expertise of the development team comes through overwhelmingly, delivering a truly compelling experience. In short, the gameplay doesn’t seem to work just when you leave the tracks, perhaps stealing a vehicle and going through the checkpoints shooting the rambo, with rather rambling and fake enemy reactions, but it does its best when you do. stick to more predictable and guided action.