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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts, the tried

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts, the tried

We tried the new title from CI Games, Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts, shooting in cold Siberia

In the Milanese offices of Koch Media we could try Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contractstitle CI Games to be released next November 22nd. The title is part of the Ghost Warrior series, although it deviates from the open world vein of its predecessor Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 by embracing a more linear mission formula with the introduction of “contracts”, which are very well suited to the nature of the title. on the figure of the sniper.

On a narrative level, the background that gives context to the title sees the detachment of the Siberia by the Russian Confederation with the consequent declaration of independence of the territory. The government of the new Siberian state does not satisfy the people who are beginning to reflect themselves in the propaganda of a revolutionary movement within the country that wants to take power. In this political fiction scenario, the player will have to take on the role of a “Predator”: ruthless sniper capable of carrying out the most complex assassination tasks without leaving a trace. To conceal the nature of the Predator, there is a super technological mask that will allow you to improve your performance in the field. Impassable fortresses, dense forests, frozen ports and many other settings will also play a fundamental role in a title that tries to make the suggestion and scenography its strengths.

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Beyond what is the narrative, not very evaluable and not very thorough in the two available missions, at the center of everything is the gameplay. After a short tutorial to catch up with a simulation of the sniper profession that is very meticulous, we launched into the two missions playable at three different levels of difficulty: Shooter (easy), Sniper (normal) and Infallible Shooter (difficult), noting that in all three cases the difficulty is decidedly stimulating. If the shooting is almost unchanged compared to the canons of the series, therefore having to manage trajectory, zoom and wind direction, where the title wants to create depth is through the use of enhancements and gadget secondary. Completing contracts and the challenges in them will allow you to accumulate points and spendable money in the character enhancement menu by unlocking different perks that will affect many aspects of the game: from the reduction of damage suffered, to the possibility of hacking cameras with drones or automatic turrets passing for example also by perk for increasing the visibility of the mask or signaling the trajectory of enemy snipers. Customizing your skills and choosing your equipment will therefore have a much greater importance, also given the large amount of gadgets including grenades of different types, throwing knives, automatic turrets, drones and other technologies worthy of the best secret agent.

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A mix of strategy and skill that is contained in the presence of the sumptuous kill cam the moment you fire excellent shots for aim and trajectory as well as for the position from which you will shoot. In short, a classic that continues to be the trademark of a series that tries to innovate only in the structure of the perks and in the strategic personalization of gadgets and weapons. Precisely on the “conventional” ones such as machine guns, shotguns, etc. we would like to say that the work done is a bit approximate given a feeling of the aforementioned unresponsive and satisfying, unlike sniper rifles.

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Another sore point is the side technical, given that the test gave us a poorly refined title with fluctuating stability with excessive frame rate drops, freezing of the screen in some areas and slowdowns during the transition to aim from an observation phase. Although the build was still not the most recent, a little over two weeks from the end this seems a bit worrying to us. To underline instead, the excellent customization of the sniper rifles, the only decidedly refined aspect.