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Sniper Ghost Warrior, review

Sniper Ghost Warrior, review

Sniper Ghost Warrior arrives on PlayStation 3 in a revised and corrected version.

Despite the certainly not exciting criticism, Sniper Ghost Warrior for PC and Xbox 360 he managed to carve out his own space within the vast and varied world of military-style first person shooter, for his unique style and for the type of character he played for most of the campaign, that is a sharpshooter . It should therefore not be surprising that even the version for PlayStation 3, released a few months after that of the other two platforms mentioned, managed, according to the estimates presented by the distributor Namco Bandai, to remain for some time in the top ten of the best-selling games of the April- May 2011.

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Even maintaining, for the second consecutive week since its launch, its position in the ranking as confirmed even by GfK, the fourth market research company in the world. These results, in particular, will probably be affected by the many additions made by the developers specifically for this edition, starting from the implementation already in the code of those elements that had previously been released in the form of patches to fix some gameplay bugs, in addition to the addition of unreleased content such as two new sniper rifles, the M200 Intervention and the L96 model, currently used by the sniper units of the British Army. Then of three new missions for the single player, cosmetic improvements, new maps and new mode for multiplayer, and the hardcore mode to play without graphical interfaces and make the gaming experience more and more complex. But let’s go into detail.

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The game developed by City Interactive tells of a coup that took place in Latin America by the despotic General Vasquez. His mercenary army has taken control of the command posts and for the population it is chaos. As Delta Force sergeant Tyler Wells, the player is tasked with joining forces with a commando and infiltrating enemy territory. This broadly speaking is the initial beginning of a shooter that, unlike most of the genre games, usually focused on assault bases, focuses on a mix of stealth actions and reasoned shootings. And for these reasons it is not a game for everyone: those looking for a FPS full of action and dynamism, let’s say it right away, would do well to look elsewhere. The main campaign is divided into various acts and missions, almost all related to pure sniping: the traditional shooter sections present in the PC / Xbox 360 editions, in fact, which were inserted by the developers just to break the slow pace of the main phases, to editor’s memory here seems to have been, if not completely eliminated, at least heavily reduced in number, and replaced by movies.

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To be clear, if in the past the player could play multiple roles in certain missions and therefore experience the different points of view in the first person, now you almost always have the only one of Wells, with the other phases lived only through the cut scenes. The approach to each assignment, and to the objective of the level, however, remains in all cases quite free and full of variations, because the user can act and behave as he sees fit. The important thing is not to be discovered. To do this, you need to take into account a bar located at the bottom of the screen that serves to indicate if the nearby enemy is totally unaware of the presence of the character. If this indicator is filling up it means that the opponents are on the alert or even, when it fills up, that they have spotted the danger.

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Patience, strategy, are in these cases Sniper: Ghost Warrior the fundamental element of a gameplay in which one must act only and exclusively after having carried out a careful analysis of the game map and having found the best point from where the coup leaders can be stationed and cooled more or less undisturbed. But not only. Other factors that should not be underestimated are the direction of the wind, the type of rifle adopted, the movement or distance of the target, the location of the soldiers in the area and the state of stress of the character.

The latter is monitored by a special indicator that appears when you look in the viewfinder of the sniper rifle: it monitors the character’s heartbeats, and the more they are accelerated, the greater the risk that the shot is then inaccurate. To help yourself in these situations, you can concentrate by holding down a special button in order to slow down the swaying of the weapon. A bit like it happens in Call of Duty or Battlefield. Once fired, if the shot is particularly precise, a scripted sequence starts in which the trajectory of the bullet is followed by the game camera until the target is reached, usually the victim’s head, which opens on impact in a realistic gush of blood splashing in the air. If, on the other hand, you make a mistake or the enemies are alarmed, it is better to try to escape and find a safe shelter. Because if it is true that the putschists often have behaviors that we would dare to define random at the level of artificial intelligence (sometimes the mercenaries react following a certain logic, others behave like the most idiot of idiots), it is equally true that when they decide that they must do out of the threat, they become infallible snipers with an almost bionic eye capable of identifying the enemy anywhere. If you are injured you can still try to regenerate the health bar through the use of the classic medkits usually scattered here and there throughout the playing area.

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PlayStation 3 Trophies

Sniper: Ghost Warrior proposes 32 Trophies divided as follows: 14 of Bronze, 12 of Silver, 5 of Gold and 1 of Platinum. To get them you have to divide between the off and online game and the various modes, for example in the case of the campaign ending the various acts or individual missions, perhaps satisfying some specific requests as in the level “The hunt for the last”, where to obtain the ‘silver must be completed without firing more than ten shots.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior also provides the user with a section dedicated to online gaming, available on average for up to twelve players. It limits itself to offering few options and from a certain point of view, given the nature of the product which does not foresee frenetic shootings as mentioned, perhaps it is better this way. Aside from the leaderboards that show go-go stats such as the number of consecutive kills or kill points acquired, there are four modes ranging from traditional solo or team Deathmatch, to Capture the Flag to the original VIP The latter works like this : a player is labeled as such, becoming the living target of the other participants in the challenge. When the “branded” user is killed, his killer inherits his VIP title and earns bonus points. We conclude by taking a look at the technical sector of the game. As for the visual part, the title shows ups and downs, even if there is a discreet general improvement in the aesthetics of the environments and characters in this PlayStation 3 edition.

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Nothing striking, however, let’s say it right away. At first glance, the Chrome engine 4 performs its task quite well, offering the user’s gaze chromatically alive external environments filled with luxuriant vegetation that alternate with other more urban ones, or that act as a middle way between the two types of areas, with ruins and enemy outposts integrated with the surrounding nature. But on closer analysis, unfortunately, smudges are noticed in the close-ups of some elements, such as plants, which appear quite flat, or of some objects that lack detailed textures, such as in the interiors of certain buildings which, ‘other, they are quite bare. These shortcomings therefore do not justify the drops in frame rates evident in the most chaotic moments of the game, nor the occasional interpenetration of the characters with some scenic elements. The polygonal modeling of supporting actors and enemies is also quite crude, whose animations do not seem as loose and natural as they should. As for the audio part, the sound effects are good, discreet dubbing in English and the music that makes up a rather cinematic soundtrack is decidedly effective.