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Space, the last aviary

Space, the last aviary

The blockbuster par excellence on smartphones, with over seven hundred million downloads, is renewed with a fourth episode in which the gameplay is finally enriched and revisited, thanks to the space setting

It seems strange to think of the expectation aroused by Angry Birds Space among iPhone and iPad owners, after all we are still talking about a product sold for 79 cents, a category that many people tend to consider intrinsically limited. “Games”, in short, which however have shown over the months that they can conquer an enormous number of gamers, casual and otherwise. Thus, after three fundamentally similar episodes (Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio) and over seven hundred million downloads, the Rovio series takes the proverbial big step (or small, to stay on the “space” theme and to quote Neil Armstrong) and makes the necessary changes to the gameplay in order to refresh the original formula, squeezed to the core.

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The birds protagonists of the game are always angry, that will never change, but this time their feeling of revenge against the hated green pigs has even pushed them beyond the borders of the earth. A change of setting not only aesthetic, but capable of substantially influencing the action on the screen, producing numerous new facets. Our goal, in each of the sixty levels initially available (to which a further thirty can be added by paying another 79 cents, beyond the already scheduled periodic updates), remains to hit the pigs using the “shots” available to the best of their ability. , trying to eliminate them even if they repair themselves within more or less complex structures. To succeed in this, it is important to exploit the peculiar abilities of each bird, an element that the developers have always held in high regard and that has actually distinguished the various incarnations of Angry Birds so far.

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In this specific case we find the red bird that stands out in the artwork, which represents the “standard bullet”, as well as the little guy who “splits into three” during launch and allows us to carry out a sort of “bombing” on enemy territory. At their side there is a freezing bird, which, through a touch of the screen, can transform any structure it comes into contact with into ice, thus making it fragile; an explosive bird, also with touch-activated power; a green bird, terribly similar to Pierpaolo Greco, capable of giving itself an extra momentum and swooping down on the pigs like a boulder; and finally a “precision” bird, which, regardless of the direction of the launch, can point at a target and reach it very quickly.

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So where are the big news? As mentioned above, it’s the setting that changes the rules of the game. In fact, in each level there are one or more “planets” with their own gravity, which affects the motion of the birds and allows them to undertake an elliptical trajectory up to the eventual impact. By pulling the classic slingshot, we can decide to throw our “bullets” up or down depending on the needs and, according to the connotation of the scenario, opt for a strategy that allows us to hit the pigs from behind rather than frontally. , especially if they are barricaded behind a particularly resistant structure.

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The progressive presence of more “planets”, with forces of attraction that intersect and can produce various effects on launches, only increases the complexity of certain phases, which in any case we will have to try to complete using as few birds as possible. and perhaps by hitting the bonus items scattered around. At the end of each “zone” we will have to face a nice boss fight based on “bank shots”. In case of difficulty, moreover, we will be able to use the eagles, special shots that create a sort of black hole and have the ability to eliminate multiple opponents at the same time, as well as tear their positions to pieces. Eagles are earned by successfully completing a certain number of internships, but it is also possible to purchase them via an in-app purchase system; and on the “commercial” turning point of the Rovio product it would be appropriate to open a small parenthesis, because we did not particularly appreciate the fact of having to pay the price of the game again to get the thirty extra levels of the Danger Zone, and the fear is that even the usual free of charge is removed from future updates, or a distinction may be made between small free packages and much more substantial paid updates. We hope to be proved wrong quickly.