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Spotify now has its own widget for iOS 14

In the weeks since the release of iOS 14, more and more apps have been adding new features that take advantage of what’s in Apple’s latest update. And now, Spotify is joining. Today, the leading subscription music service announced the launch of its widget for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

Like Apple’s own widgets for Apple Music, Spotify serves as a means of quickly returning to something you were listening to recently. You can choose between small and medium sizes, but Spotify does not offer a large widget for iOS 14 yet.

“The iOS Spotify widgets will display up to five of the recently played artists, playlists, albums or podcasts,” a Spotify spokesperson said by email. “Users can tap on covers to dive right into their content.” The little widget shows what you were playing last while using the app.

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To add the Spotify widget to the home screen

  1. Make sure you have updated to the latest version of Spotify. I have noticed that sometimes an app’s widgets won’t show until after opening it after updating, so try that if you don’t see them at first.
  2. Long press on a widget or empty area on the device’s home screen until the apps are moved
  3. Tap the Add (+) button in the upper left corner
  4. Select the Spotify widget on the list
  5. Select the widget size you want to add from the 2 available options (1 × 1 small square or 2 × 1 rectangle), then tap «Add widget»
  6. Place the widget and touch “Done” to confirm

I’ve noticed a few other useful widgets popping up recently, including from Dropbox, Otter, and other apps. If you have any favorites you’ve discovered, please share in the comments.

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