Stalker 2 for Xbox Series X Will Support Ray Tracing


Last week, GSC Game World announced Stalker 2 for Xbox Series X (exclusive console time) and PC, the studio has not revealed many details, but just take a look at the game page on the Xbox site to discover the new Stalker. exploit the full potential of Microsoft’s console.

Stalker 2 will enjoy the ‘Optimized for Xbox Series X’ badge, as mentioned, the team has not yet discussed the technical sector, however on the aforementioned page it is possible to see the logos Ray tracing in 4K Ultra HD, confirming the full compatibility of these functions.

Stalker 2 is expected in 2021 On PC and Xbox Series X, therefore, there is time to find out more details about the most ambitious project of GSC Game World, a study that returns to normal after a few years of financial difficulties.

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For more information, check out our Stalker 2 preview edited by Gabriele carollo: «The GSC game is alive and well, and it wants to return to all the characteristic features that have made the series a cult: the Zone will clearly be the main protagonist, but not only from an aesthetic point of view. Confirmation of a new AI, born from the ashes of the old one, could bring a rare-caliber open-world immersive simulator to market, and the use of the Epic engine represents promising assurance over the visual standards of the expected title on PC and Series. X. «

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