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Steam sales: 5 battle royale alternatives to Fortnite

Steam sales: 5 battle royale alternatives to Fortnite

We close our review of buying advice with an anomalous video that offers some alternative battle royale to Fortnite. Obviously on sale

In recent days we have tried to offer you a little help to guide you through the impressive number of video games that are at the center of the Steam sales this summer 2018. More than 15,000 products included in a promotion that will be accessible until July 5th. After this date, we will finally be able to get back to disposing of the infinite archive that each of us has built up over the years of use of the digital platform of Valve.

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To close with a flourish (or arousing some criticism, it depends on tastes), we have chosen not to devote ourselves to a genre in the strict sense of the term, but to take advantage of the phenomenon of the moment, Fortniteto give you some alternative ideas in case you got hooked on the battle royale.

Watching the video you will in fact find 5 video games that in our opinion can represent an “alternative” to the blockbuster of Epic Games. The quotes are a must since, as expressed in the Fornite review: it is really complex to be able to compete with a free to play game that is so clean, refined and supported. But trying doesn’t hurt and maybe some of the 5 games we have considered (a couple are also free) will be able to break into your hearts.

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Below we leave you with the textual list of the titles of the movie. You, on the other hand, don’t forget to leave a comment a little further down.