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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, all there is to know about the anti-heroes

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, all there is to know about the anti-heroes

Discover or rediscover with us the most ramshackle team in DC Comics: a new game is coming, here’s what you need to know about the Suicide Squad.

When it came out in theaters a few years ago, Suicide Squad it divided critics and audiences, but it also represented an alternative – and certainly courageous – way of making cinecomics at a time when Marvel and DC Comics were battling blockbuster hits. David Ayer’s film was an interesting experiment for a budding cinematic universe that was all about iconic figures like Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman, the triad on which the so-called Justice League is founded. What DC is Warner Bros. we did not know how to build this infrastructure, we know, but Suicide Squad was an anomaly within an anomaly: Ayer embraced the “gritty” vein to tell the misadventures of a gang of super convicts, tinging everything with ironic shades that resulted in a positively grotesque spectacle.

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Suicide Squad also won an Academy Award for Best Makeup, but Warner Bros. nevertheless decided to focus primarily on the mascot played by Margot Robbie in the film. Birds of Prey and the phantasmagoric rebirth of Harley Quinn. In the meantime, however, at the top they were already thinking of a kind of sequel that, after passing from hand to hand for some time, ended up in the much loved ones of James Gunn, the director of the two Guardians of the Galaxy who at the time he had been fired from Disney due to some pretty unhappy tweets. Although several things have changed, in the meantime, Gunn has completed filming his reboot, simply titled The Suicide Squadwhich will arrive in theaters next August 2021. The decision to come out with a Rocksteady Studios game in this period that the suicide squad is returning to the fore becomes much less suspicious.

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In the comics, the Suicide Squad dates back to 1959: it first appears in issue 25 of The Brave and the Bold with a very different lineup than the one seen in the film. In the following years, in fact, the team has changed many times, completely with each reset of the DC universe. In fact, it was only in 1987 that a book focused only on the Suicide Squad debuted with the same premises that Ayer would later use in his film almost thirty years later. The secretary of the secret services Amanda Waller convinces the government to form a special team of super-villains who have nothing to lose. The deal is simple: they do the dirty work, facing dangerous missions, and the government guarantees benefits and discounts on penalties. In this way, the various authors had the opportunity to explore the past and the personalities of the villain who until then had been mostly specks, giving him greater three-dimensionality.

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In the 2016 film, more or less the same thing happens. The story takes place shortly after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. With the Man of Steel dead, Amanda Waller forms a team of criminals locked up in Belle Reve prison to face superhuman threats. The team members are Deadshot, an infallible mercenary and sniper; Harley Quinn, a crazy ex-psychiatrist in love with the Joker; Captain Boomerang, a thief with serious behavioral problems; El Diablo, who can manipulate fire; the monstrous mutant nicknamed Killer Croc; the Japanese swordswoman Katana; the nerd Slipknot and an archaeologist possessed by an ancient entity, the Enchantress. The trouble is that theEnchantress she rebels and sets fire to Midway City, forcing the team into action against her … including her fiancé, Colonel Rick Flag.

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We do not yet know the plot of the James Gunn film due out next year, but we do know that some characters will return from Ayer’s film in the same roles: Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Rick Flag and Amanda Waller. They will be joined by some new members such as Polka-Dot Man, Ratcatcher and King Shark. Deadshot will not be in the game: Will Smith pulled out and Gunn at one point even thought of replacing him with the charismatic Idris Elba, but then preferred to keep the character aside in case Smith wanted to participate in a possible sequel. These characters should therefore be the heart of the Suicide Squad: although it is still a mystery which ones we will see and probably will check in the game. Rocksteadyit’s worth finding out more about them.

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Born Harleen Frances Quinzel, the weird one Harley Quinn was not born in comics as you might believe, but in the legendary 1992 Batman: The Animated Series cartoon. it seemed a bit strange the writer Paul Dini invented this kind of tragicomic shoulder that should have appeared only in that episode. The success of the character convinced DC to introduce her in the comics as well, starting with an appearance in the Batman: Thrillkiller book in 1997. Today Harley Quinn is a very famous anti-villain who has appeared not only in the film, but also in the various Rocksteady games. and in the Injustice series, again as the Joker’s schizophrenic shoulder, to whom she is linked by a perverse relationship of hate / love. We can bet that we will find it again in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, maybe just as the protagonist, also because it would be very fun to play. Despite not having super powers, in fact, Harley is an athlete and a martial arts expert.

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Not to be confused with the more well-known Deathstroke – it happens! – which appears in many more games and movies, Deadshot, aka Floyd Lawton, first appeared in 1950’s Batman # 59, created by David Vern Reed, Lew Schwartz and Bob Kane. He too, like Harley Quinn, is an ordinary human being, only he’s an infallible sniper, arguably the best in the DC universe. Floyd runs armed to the teeth, also because he doesn’t care about killing or dying, and this vaguely psychopathic condition of his is often an advantage for a team ready for anything. Over the years, the writers have built an interesting background for him, made up of domestic violence and family problems: in the 2016 film, the character – played by Will Smith and therefore African American instead of Caucasian – is forced to join the Suicide Squad after being captured by Batman to be able to see his daughter Zoe again.

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Here is another somewhat bizarre character who, however, could be a lot of fun to play. More than being an opponent of Batman, however, Captain Boomerang, also known as George Harkness, is an enemy of the Flash, and in fact he appeared for the first time in the number 117 of The Flash of 1960, written by John Broome and drawn by Carmine. Infantino. After a long stint as a B-list supervillain, Boomerang returned to prominence in the Suicide Squad incarnations of the 1990s and was also replaced for some time by his son Owen Mercer. Played by Jai Courtney in the 2016 film and returning in the 2021 film, Captain Boomerang he represents a bit of the comic side of the Suicide Squad, being a bizarre and decidedly mad guy: like other members of the team, he doesn’t have any metahuman powers either, but he carries an arsenal of boomerangs that he can throw with enormous precision.