The best movies on SkyShowtime for you to enjoy

SkyShowtime has officially launched in the Netherlands. The new streaming service that bundles numerous well-known television channels and movie houses is ready with a zipper of films and series. We’ve listed the best movies on SkyShowtime for you.

SkyShowtime is full of movies, where you can choose between numerous genres. Because of the trees you may no longer see the forest, so we will give you a helping hand. Do you want to enjoy a nice evening on the couch with a movie? With these movies on SkyShowtime you certainly do!

Mission Impossible Fallout

If you’re looking for one of the best action films of the past ten years, SkyShowtime is the place to be. Mission Impossible Fallout is waiting for you there, the sixth film in this now 26-year-old film series. This time too, a spectacle is delivered thanks to the fantastic action that has been filmed in a phenomenal way. Especially when you consider that Tom Cruise does his own stunts.

The Godfather

A list of the best films, The Godfather should of course not be missing if it is on the relevant streaming service. And that is the case with SkyShowtime. The film by director Francis Coppola is seen by many as a masterpiece and can still compete with modern films in 2022 – despite The Godfather having already been released in 1972.

In The Godfather we follow the Corleone mafia family in post-World War II New York. Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) is the respected head of the family, but times are changing. Younger son Michael (Al Pacino) soon has to prove himself when the Corleones find themselves in a bloody mafia war.

If you want to know how The Godfather came about, you can also watch The Offer on SkyShowtime.


Russell Crowe has a glorious career in Hollywood and Gladiator is one of the films in which the American took his biggest star role. The story of the betrayed gladiator who has to fight his way out of the arena or take revenge is still fantastic, as is the acting of Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix who plays the son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Originally the film was already fairly well received, but the film is now seen as revolutionary for the genre of historical films. In addition to the acting, this also has to do with the fantastic music and visual effects that still look very good in 2022.


Jaws also belongs in the list of best films that SkyShowtime has to offer. This Steven Spielberg classic still hasn’t lost its luster 47 years after its original release. This thriller still manages to terrify people into swimming in the sea, all because of a monstrously large shark.

It has everything to do with Spielberg’s fantastic film work. In 2022 that is still wonderful to behold, just like the dynamic between an old sailor and a police chief who simply wants to stop a murderous shark. Those who have never seen Jaws are doing themselves a huge favor to do so via the new streaming service.

Back to the Future

Classics come in many forms and Back to the Future is certainly one of them. The story of Marty McFly is iconic, but if you’re not familiar with the movie, we’ll leave out the spoilers. All you need to know is that Marty accidentally sends himself back in time, making a huge mistake.

Director Robert Zemeckis managed to deliver a classic with the film (which later received two more sequels) thanks to, among other things, the way the film is put together. The film never gets boring thanks to strong music and a killer pace. Add to that a good load of humor that is still funny today and you have a film that you simply cannot miss.

Get Out

Since it’s Halloween, we can’t help but add a bonus movie to this list in the form of an appropriate horror movie. Get Out delivers this with minimal grotesque practices and mostly wreaks psychological havoc thanks to a clever storytelling by Jordan Peele. That story is further supported by great acting by Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener and Lakeith Stanfield.

The film is about Chris who goes with his girlfriend to her parents for a weekend. Soon something doesn’t seem quite right, so the young photographer decides to investigate. Unfortunately, he couldn’t have done better…

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11 secrets and curiosities of Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. to enjoy more and better the new retro Nintendo console

The 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. is being celebrated with an extra touch of blessed nostalgia: Nintendo has not only brought back essential classics starring its superstar, but has launched a new commemorative Game & Watch model. An irresistible whim full of details that make it even more special.

At first glance, the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. It looks exactly like the first Nintendo portable consoles, inspired by the models launched in 1981 with two major differences: instead of a liquid crystal screen we have a full color screen and the classic nintendera crosshead makes his triumphant return.

Now, and as it happened with the tiny classic consoles, what is truly interesting is in its game proposal, which brings together an edition of the classic Ball starring Mario, as well as pre-installed games Super Mario Bros. AND Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels.

While Microsoft and Sony launch their new generation bets with Xbox Series X and PS5, Nintendo follows its own path and, incidentally, relaunches a new edition of one of its first systems that, in addition, we can use as a watch. Seen like this it might seem crazy, but you have to admit that there is a lot of care in this little machine.

Precisely for this reason, in Extra Life We have compiled all the secrets, curiosities and tricks that the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. The definitive excuse for you to relive the NES classic, in a very special year for the undisputed king of platform games.

How to get infinite lives in Super Mario Bros. and SMB2: the Lost Levels

Have you just discovered the Machiavellian difficulty of SMB2 Japanese? Are you resisting the rescue of Princess Peach in the great NES classic? We have the solution to both problems: hold button A from the console to the title screen of either game and you’ll start off with endless lives.

How to access Hard mode in the classic Super Mario Bros.

If, on the other hand, you know every inch of Super Mario Bros. by heart and want an extra challenge, the new version of this Game & Watch is for you: complete all 8 game worlds, save the princess and you will have unlocked hard mode.

How to play as Luigi in Ball (Mario version)

Our favorite Player 2 also signs up for the celebration and sneaks into the classic Game & Watch: to play as Luigi in this retro skill test all you have to do is keep button A pressed for more than 5 seconds on the title screen of Ball.

What are clock mode special events and when do they occur?

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. includes 35 animations different as time goes by. Sometimes it is possible to see characters from other installments, such as Yoshi, and in others it is possible to see interesting events. For example:

  • At 7:00 am and at 7:00 pm we will see how Mole Monty comes to greet our mustachioed hero.
  • During dusk and dawn, at 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., we will witness how the blocks are briefly converted into coins.
  • At 1:11 p.m. and already after midnight, at 1:11 a.m., we will see the appearance of a trio of Bloopers floating in the sky.

There are 32 more animations in the clock mode of the machine. Of course, there are also many more interesting details to discover.

How to unlock the song Drawing Mario

In the previous modes, a trick appears when you hold down the A button for a while, and the clock mode of Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. is no exception: pressing A for five seconds we will see an animated sequence with the song Drawing Mario in English with different language options.

As an added curiosity, the new Game & Watch have an error reported by Nintendo when displaying the lyrics in the German, French, Italian or Spanish languages. In this case, the correct language relationship is as follows.

Title screen language Song lyrics languages
French German
Spanish French
German Italian
Italian Spanish

In addition to the above languages, it is also possible to view the song subtitles in English, Dutch and Japanese.

How to change the scenery of clock mode settings

The clock display is an animated tribute to the mythical 1-1 world of Super Mario Bros. by NES. with the added bonus that it is possible to see the day and night cycle. Now, there are two other alternatives: just press the Time button and we will change the decoration to a country setting or the classic mushroom-shaped platforms.

How to add enemies to watch mode

Do you want to complicate things for good Mario? Take on the role of Bowser and fill the clock mode screen with up to five enemies at once pressing down on the left crosshead. You can summon Goombas and Koopas in an unlimited way!

How to make Lakitu appear in watch mode

Lakitu He can be one of our most annoying enemies or one of our most neat allies. In the clock mode of the new Game & Watch it makes a small cameo and is rather the latter.

To the press the Pause / Set button in clock mode we can adjust the time of the device, showing shortly after the funny Lakitu carrying a wrench, apparently to help us. The best? Once the time is set, he will drop his tool and take a walk around the screen.

Shine the Blocks in Clock Mode

It is a minor detail, but just as curious: if we press buttons B and A at the same time in clock mode we will see how the bricks that serve to tell the time on the screen begin to shine with their own light.

The three special illustrations from Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

When we are not playing with the Game & Watch (or his watch) the screen will turn off giving us an illustration starring Mario, Luigi and Bowser’s minions. However, the fun thing in this case is that the drawing depends on what mode we have been using:

  • If the console goes into sleep mode with the clock, we will see an illustration of Mario sleeping soundly
  • If the console goes into sleep mode with the game Ball, we will see an illustration of Mario juggling.
  • Finally, if the console enters sleep mode in a game of Super Mario Bros. or SMB2: The Lost Levels, We will see that on that occasion, several enemies of our hero take a nap.

Extra Ball: Five Really Interesting Details from the Game & Watch Box

We close our review of secrets, tricks and curiosities with the box of the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros., which is pure fanservice.

  • To start with, the front of the removable cover is a nod to level 1-1. Also, if we look at the markers we will see that there are 35 coins, one for each Mario year.
  • On the other hand, the back of the case takes us to Bowser’s castle, which awaits us patiently spitting fire.
  • Like the console itself, the box itself is a wink to those of the Game & Watch models launched during 1981, accommodating the contents and characteristics of the new console. Which means changing the Wide Screen original by Color Screen.
  • In fact, the title screen of Super Mario Bros. Color is superimposed on the case, revealing a Ball screen with Mario himself when the box is removed. Giving the set an even more retro look.
  • In addition, the reference marked on the right side flap is also a reference to the celebration itself: SM-35 refers to the 35th anniversary since the launch of Super Mario Bros.
  • Finally, and as is increasingly common in Nintendo theme packages, when pulling that flap we will see in the fold a thank you by Nintendo with Mario and Luigi from Ball (Mario version) juggling.

Source : Gadgetsnow