“TÉO & TÉA”, the new electronic proposal by Jean Michel Jarre, analyzes couple relationships

‘TÉO & TÉA’, the new electronic proposal by the musician Jean Michel Jarre, addresses on this occasion about couple relationships. The album that will go on sale on March 27 and that was presented today in Madrid, is structured around the meeting on a dance floor of a boy and a girl with almost identical names and physiques.

The French musician declared that he had composed the songs for this album, analyzing the current society in which “every day people are more alone”. Each of the songs that compose it, talk about a facet or a feeling of the relationship between these two boys who can be any couple.

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‘TÉO & TÉA’ is an album that talks about feelings and the feeling that Jean Michel Jarre has that “everyone is looking for a partner, even on the Internet”. The author analyzes the tendency to search for a partner in a virtual way and puts music to those sensations, among which is also that of loneliness.


Jarre, who started out using classical instruments, felt the seduction of electronics: “I discovered the beauty of electronic sounds,” he commented. In his compositions he mixes the sounds of a symphony orchestra with electronic contributions. Jarre himself declared that he was moved to feel like a cook who adds the ingredients to his music, “you cook in your kitchen,” he argued.

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“It’s dance floor music”, the musician highlighted when referring to the field in which he would frame this latest album, which has songs like ‘Vintage’, which talks about the memories of the day of any Téo and Téa that meet for the first time and ‘Gossip ‘, which means gossip and refers to “the rumors and comments that are provoked by the beginning of a relationship,” said Jarre.


After the suspension of the artist’s open-air concert in Madrid due to weather problems, the capital is once again one of the objectives for this year. Jarre commented that he plans to do a concert in the same vein as the one held in Morocco last year under the motto ‘Water for life’.

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Currently, Jarre has just finished the soundtrack for the latest film by German director Volkor Schlöndorff, for which he has mixed industrial sounds with the music of a symphony orchestra.