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The 20 words that most block the language of the Spanish

The 20 words that most block the language of the Spanish

According to the results of the survey carried out by SpinVox on the pronunciation of Spaniards, the worst pronounced word is “viniste”. This word is usually pronounced as “you came”, since most of the forms and verb tenses of the verb “come” begin with “ve”.

Second in the ranking is the word “disorder”, frequently pronounced as “disorder”. This is so because in Spanish there is a group of words, such as “transport”, “transcription” or “transgress”, a group in which the speaker includes the word “disorder” by similarity.

Following the study, the following words on the list of the worst pronounced would be “prejudices” frequently pronounced as “prejudices”, and “idiosyncrasy”, a word of unusual use and to which people usually change the “s” for “c” , resulting in various combinations such as “idiosyncracy” or “idiosyncracy”. Immediately below this we find “rash” whose problem is the same. People confuse “s” with “z” and say “rash”.

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Other words of difficult pronunciation that have been revealed by this study are “ineptitude” often pronounced as “inaptitude”, “Madrid” that usually loses the last “d” to become “Madri” or “esparadrapo” whose quite widespread pronunciation is “plaster” due to the belief that it is a compound word with “rag”.

Due to diction problems of the consonantal group “pt”, “helicóptero” appears in the ninth position and its erroneous pronunciation is usually “helicótero”. Finally, in tenth place we find the mispronunciation of the word “strongest” that people confuse with “very strong” for making the superlative of the adjective “strong” in a regular way.

Commenting on the results of the study, Adolfo Figueras, spokesperson for SpinVox in Spain, noted that “many words are difficult to say and when we make an effort to pronounce them correctly, we become aware of how we really speak”.

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Another fact that this study has revealed is the fact that speaking badly or not being able to pronounce certain words in the correct way is not something that the Spanish speaker laughs at. A staggering 47% said they feel embarrassed when they can’t get a word out, and one in five interviewees admitted feeling embarrassed if their partner has speech problems. In addition, more than half of the people consulted stated that they avoid the use of words that are difficult for them to pronounce so as not to appear stupid, although this does not prevent more than 43% of people from admitting correcting someone who pronounces a word incorrectly.

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In light of all these data, Figueras added: “At SpinVox, we are fascinated by the way people speak, our automatic speech-to-content conversion system allows us to accurately study these forms of expression, including mispronunciations. This means that people can trust that their messages, converted to text and delivered either by SMS or email, will be authentic and contain the essence of their voice..”

List of the 20 worst pronounced words in the Spanish language with their respective wrong form:

  1. You came – you came
  2. disorder – disorder
  3. Prejudices – prejudices
  4. idiosyncrasy – idiosyncrasy
  5. Rash – rash
  6. Ineptitude – inaptitude
  7. Madrid – Madrid
  8. plaster – plaster
  9. Helicopter – helicopter
  10. very strong – very strong
  11. Croquette – cocrete
  12. Torticollis – torticulis
  13. potpourri potpourri
  14. poor
  15. restriction – restriction
  16. Beech–Haiga
  17. Mayonnaise – Bayonne
  18. Pamplona – plamplona
  19. Solidarity – sodilarity
  20. Institutionalization – institutionalization