The Gunk on Xbox Series X: no Switch or PS5 due to ‘strong partnership with Microsoft’


Image & Form lead developer Ulf Hartelius spoke to GamingBolt microphones to explain the reason for The Gunk’s exclusive Xbox Series X (as well as Series S, PC, and Xbox One) and therefore the non-arrival of the -fi ski adventure on PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch.

The top exponent of the Swedish software house that has gained international visibility with the success of SteamWorld Series in fact, he specifies that The Gunk represents “an important step forward for us at Image & Form, and since we wanted to make our dream come true, we knew we had to find a strong partner. Microsoft was enthusiastic about our project from the first conversations we had to present it. them”.

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Behind the exclusivity of The Gunk on Xbox ecosystem platforms (including Windows 10 PCs), there is the willingness of the Gothenburg authors to trust a strong partner promote and perhaps actively contribute to the development of this interesting intellectual property. Also for this reason, to the question posed by the staff of GamingBolt about the possible arrival at a later time of The Gunk to PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, Hartelius responded with a laconic “Unfortunately no”.

The Gunk’s release is scheduled to second half of 2021 on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S: from its launch, the title will become part of the catalog of games that can be used “free” by members of Xbox Game Pass, both on PC and green-cross consoles.

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