The Italian Federation of Electronic Disciplines enters the Italian Esports Observatory

FIDE (Italian Federation of Electronic Disciplines) joins the Italian Esports Observatory, the first B2B networking, training and information platform for operators in the sector.

The agreement is part of the common strategy of Support the evolution of the entire Italian movement linked to the world of competitive video games..

FIDE, was born from an agreement signed last May between GEC – Competitive electronic games and ITeSPA, historical realities of export in Italy, has embarked on a complex path of unification that has allowed the accreditation of the Federation, at the international level, with the International Esports Federation and the European Esports Federation, as well as, at the national level , with theABOUT – National – Promotion body recognized by CONI.

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With this in mind, aimed at contributing to the recognition of electronic sports by CONI, this new strategic collaboration also intervenes, the result of a fruitful discussion with its founders, and in relation to which the following statement was released by the President. Igor Lanzoni: «FIDE is an institution and, as such, it aims to promote and support the export movement in Italy. We are convinced that the Italian Esports Observatory, through the profitable B2B activity it is carrying out, can provide our Federation with useful tools to promote electronic sports as one of the main Italian business sectors, encouraging investments and active operators. in the same, in the hope of being able to soon reach the standards found in other countries, such as Israel, where we will represent Italy in the Global Finals of the IESF World Championship 2020 that this year will take place in Eilat «.

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Thanks to this new entry, theThe Italian Esports Observatory is confirmed as a point of reference for all institutional subjects who want to create synergies in the e-sports sector. “True to our mission, we are pleased to welcome among our members the seventh institution operating in this world. – they declared Luigi caputo me Enrico Furniture, co-founder dell’OIES – In fact, we are sure that the development of the movement passes through the aggregation and convergence of all those subjects who in various ways add value and seek to standardize the different activities, both in the competitive and ethical spheres. We are aware of the complexity of the challenge, but we also trust everyone’s commitment and availability. «.

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