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  7. The Last of Us 2 is the most anticipated game of June 2020

The Last of Us 2 is the most anticipated game of June 2020

The Last of Us 2 is the most anticipated game of June 2020

No doubt: The Last of Us 2 is by far the most anticipated game of June 2020

June 2020 is the release month of The Last of Us 2therefore the election of the most anticipated game becomes practically superfluous, considering the level of expectation that characterizes the new PS4 exclusive from Naughty Dog. In fact, the results of the votes leave little room for any comment, considering how the game in question far outclasses any other proposal is expected for the coming month, but this does not mean that there are still other interesting games coming out, which they deserve a mention among the various secondary choices. On the other hand, the month of June 2020 is already very exciting even for a large amount of expected announcements: despite the cancellation of E3 2020, various events of enormous importance.

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Among them, the first confirmation is the Sony conference of presentation for PS5, which had been set for June 4 at 22:00 but was postponed in the last few hours, however destined to be one of the most important moments of this entire videogame year. Practically at the same time, what seems to be an important presentation by Sega is also planned, even if the outlines of this are still extremely vague, while later, perhaps around the 10th of the month, another special Microsoft event is planned in which we will talk about Xbox Series X, probably delving into topics regarding consoles and services. All this in addition to various other events that are part of the summer presentation chains organized to replace traditional appointments, so it will be a very lively month in every respect, both in terms of announcements on the near future and in terms of games. themselves available immediately, thanks to The Last of Us 2.

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Rarely has such a clear result been seen in a vote editorial on the most anticipated game of the month: The Last of Us 2 is in first position by a considerable margin, even if it must be said that the rest of the monthly lineup does not actually offer very high level proposals, or in any case nothing remotely comparable to the work of Naughty Dog. In short, the result is decidedly obvious, also considering the long wait that characterized this slow approach to the post-apocalyptic action adventure for PS4, which after various postponements is finally ready to arrive on the market and probably dominate it at least as regards the month of June. . At a considerable distance, the runner-up comes from a much more modest production, but it is still a welcome return to the videogame scene, which cannot fail to be appreciated by those who have been playing for at least twenty good years. The first Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive by Spellbound and Atari was a welcome surprise and the new Desperados 3 tries to bring back the spirit but with a new graphics and more news.

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This is not a revolution, absolutely: the third chapter of the series keeps intact the main features that made the first two chapters famous, such as the isometric shot and the structure that mixes stealth and tactical elements, but proposing new challenges through a level more advanced design. This is the only game capable of garnering some consensus and approaching The Last of Us 2, even if maintaining a great distance, if we consider that the third comes with only a handful of votes. The last step of the podium is occupied by Disintegration, the interesting sci-fi shooter from V1 Interactive and Private Division, whose premise is particularly interesting also because it is the new project of Marcus Lehto, known for being one of the creators of the original Halo within Bungie. Outside the podium little else, with a fourth position to report for Command & Conquer Remastered.

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Even the survey released to the readers speaks very clearly: the most anticipated game of June 2020 also in this case is undoubtedly The Last of Us 2, which has established itself with a truly overwhelming percentage of all the other competitors. On the other hand, that Naughty Dog’s new game is one of the public’s favorites arouses little surprise, also considering how well the productions of Sony’s famous first party team are followed in general and the latter must also represent the summa reachable in absolute on PS4, before the transition to the new generation, therefore an appointment in a historical sense. Curiously, the second choice fell on the good old man “nobody”, aka The Last of Us 2 or nothing else, for many site users. The percentage in this case is obviously much lower but still significant, probably also relating to those who have opted for a sort of “protest” vote for this June 2020.

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To find the second position you have to go down a lot, because all the other games have collected only crumbs of votes, with very minimal percentages. In second position, however, we can distinguish Desperados 3, which even among readers seems to particularly encourage action (reasoned) in the wild west, waiting for a more precise assessment of what the new chapter of the series has to offer. In third position, just one percentage point away, we find The Outer Worlds in the Nintendo Switch version: the Obsidian RPG has already garnered widespread acclaim among PC, PS4 and Xbox One, now it’s up to the Nintendo hybrid console to enjoy this role-playing pearl by the team that has now become a Microsoft first party. Outside the podium, we slightly detach ourselves from the backdrop, in particular we find Ninjala a little more voted and then Assetto Corsa Competizione and DOOM Eternal, again as regards Nintendo Switch, among the only mentions to be made.