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The new laptops, by Jordi Joaquim i Recort

The new laptops, by Jordi Joaquim i Recort

I was waiting for the appearance of the new Macbook Pro to change mine, but I’m going to think about it a little more. Honestly, I thought that Apple would give the bell and would go ahead in the incorporation of USB3. Some manufacturers already have prototypes of video peripherals with USB3 connectivity that will allow us to work with uncompressed HD qualities and SDI on a laptop, just waiting for USB3 to start being implemented.

This was really my wish, apart, of course, from more speed, that for video editing we are always short.

Always thinking about the use for professional video, this is what I liked and what I didn’t like about the new Macbook Pro.

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The bad

They have removed FireWire 400 from both ranges, which means you always have to carry adapter cables. Anything that eliminates connection possibilities, bad, bad.

They have not increased the resolution of the screen, which remains at 1,440 × 900, they could have been stretched to 1,600 at least, right?

Mini Display Adapter, we already started with the inventions, again to load with adapter cables. Three, as if one were not enough, one to DVI, another to Dual-link DVI and a third to VGA, in a paragraph we already carry 3 more adapter cables in the backpack, without taking into account that every time Apple “invents” a connector ends up disappearing, or don’t you remember the ADC?

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The matte screens have disappeared!!!! The brilliant ones are very good for consumption, to watch movies downloaded from the internet and family photos, but they are NOT good for work, absolutely NO! for me it is the worst of all.

The good

Speed ​​increases, although timid, are always good, video professionals are still a long way from the computer exceeding our needs.

The graphics also seem to improve substantially, although nVidia is not the favorite card of professional software developers (eg Motion), the jump is important. The supply of hard drives is also very good, especially the 7,200 rpm ones that are essential for video. Nor should we lose track of the SSDs that have been going strong, but we would have to see their performance in the real world. The incorporation of new technologies such as LED screens or the switchable graphics card (a great idea!) allow to reduce battery consumption, which is always desirable, as, obviously, that the price is more affordable.

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In short: what we lose in grams of the MacBook we gain in weight of adapter cables with which we remain the same in total weight in the backpack, that is if with a nicer computer, of course!

I was going to order one this week, but I think I’ll wait a little longer.

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