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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter – Review

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter – Review

Tom Clancy’s ghosts land on Xbox and PlayStation 2 after the great success of the Xbox 360 version, will they have the same fortunes?

We are part of the Ghosts, a selection of the best fighters of the American army, our aim is to infiltrate behind enemy lines and act invisible, like ghosts, reaching strategic objectives without creating a fuss around the mission. In the near future all the special commands, like ours, will be equipped with a very advanced technology, called Integrated Warfighter System or better IWS, which will help the soldiers on the battlefield, giving, through the Cross-Com, a special viewer, fundamental information. in real time and signaling the presence of enemies around our position. In GRAW, set in Mexico City in the year 2013, we will use this advanced technology and, playing as Captain Scott Mitchell, leader of the Ghosts, we will have to rescue the President of the United States of America, recover some nuclear weapons and eliminate a large one. group of rebels; this in a nutshell is the intertwining of the game’s offline mode. During the campaign divided into twelve missions, for about ten hours of gameplay, the action will be the master and we will find ourselves in front of the most varied situations to complete, crossing different areas of Mexico City together with our men. As anticipated we will be able to count on the IWS system, an on-screen hud that will provide us with fundamental information for the achievement of the objectives, from the trivial information on residual ammunition and the state of our health, to an advanced communication system that will display a small window, with the technique of the picture in picture, on the top left of our screen whenever we receive some higher order. Above all, this system will allow us to monitor the area around our action group, receiving the signal of special cameras placed over the helmets of our men. In the PlayStation 2 version, the latter function was replaced by the presence of a small map, which in practice turned out to be quite useless. The window that opens when we receive the orders is certainly excellent from the point of view of identification with the game, unfortunately the technical realization is not at the same level, vaguely reminiscent of a kind of animated gif.

  Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, our commented gameplay

GRAW for Xbox was set up by Ubisoft Shanghai as a canon first-person FPS with shotgun view

GRAW for Xbox and PlayStation 2, unlike the version for the older brother of Microsoft, was set by Ubisoft Shanghai as a canonical first-person FPS with a shotgun view, so forget the “over the shoulder” view that made famous GRAW on Xbox 360. The choice of combining the hud visualization with a canonical visual with the shotgun in the foreground could certainly be handled better; in fact, the on-screen display by itself reduces visibility and, when combined with the shotgun’s foreground, greatly limits the field of vision. From a technical point of view, the product as a whole was created in a somewhat hasty way, the polygonal models have a decent level of detail as well as the animations that are quite good, while the urban areas have poorly defined and particularly dull textures. The lighting on the Xbox 360 had made a miracle scream by implementing HDR, but here the clear and diffused light makes everything seem “washed out” and with few details. The problems then continue with the presence of excessive “fog” in the distance, not allowing the player to have a clear view of the horizon and significantly affecting the possibility of long-range sniper shots. The game scenarios are then very repetitive, with the same number of blocks repeating almost in sequence. The frame rate is also often uncertain, causing several slowdowns to the game engine inexplicably even in situations that, in principle, should not burden too much on the hardware of 128-bit consoles.

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After having done this long technical examination, let’s go and examine the gameplay. As already anticipated, Ubisoft Shanghai has decided to depart from both GRAW for Xbox 360 and from the previous episodes of the series, diverging considerably from the first Ghost Recons, which made tactics their strong point, and strongly approaching the Rainbow Six series, much more immediate. and turn to the devastating and close firefight. First of all, the first big news is the fact that in this new chapter we will command only one soldier, Captain Mitchell to be precise, unlike what happens in the Xbox 360 version, and what happened in the previous chapters of the series. The movement of our character and that of the soldiers has been accelerated, it is not possible to lie down on the ground to shoot and even hiding around corners has become problematic. Let’s not talk about precision shots, we have already told you about the problems of long-distance fogging, to these we must combine the frustration of seeing our viewfinder moving quickly from one side of the target to the other, we will have nothing else to do if don’t wait for the right moment to fire. A very irritating system. All these changes obviously reflect on the behavior of the gamer, now much more dedicated to the direct, frontal assault, with heavy bursts of fire, abandoned forever the silence of real ghosts.

  Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the trailer of the open beta with Jon Bernthal

We liked the missions, very varied and full of action

We liked the missions, very varied and interesting, we move from the recovery of important personalities, such as the President of the USA, to preparing defenses awaiting the assault of the rebel militiamen. The possibility of calling the fighting helicopters and the elite of sharpshooters to our aid is also pleasant, it is just a pity that the possibilities of interacting with these two teams are very limited. The multiplayer modes have not been absolutely neglected and also the realization is particularly noteworthy, at least on Xbox: there is a cooperative campaign to be played in two both in split screen and online, to which the usual online and system link modes are added. up to twelve players at the same time. The maps are very good as well as the modes ranging from the classic last man and last man in teams, to hamburger hill or assasination, with a wide customization of the game servers capable of making every game exciting. For PlayStation 2 there is no split screen mode and the online game is reserved for only eight participants, for the rest the maps and modes are all confirmed.

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter left us with a lot of bitterness in the mouth, the developers wanted to keep GRAW a traditional shooter, bringing it very close in terms of gameplay to the other Ubisoft saga, and that is that Rainbow Six that at least in the console field based everything on the fast-paced action. The tactical component that has always characterized the adventures of the Ghost team has been completely lost, moreover the technical sector is very subdued, it is difficult for us to believe that the finished product is a game of the latest generation of software that run on Xbox and PlayStation 2. Good is the variety of missions as well as the longevity of the campaign, which is further increased by the many modes to be used online and in System Link. So forget about the Xbox 360 version, you would only hurt yourself, since it is not even remotely related to this new episode that appeared on 128-bit consoles. We can only recommend the game to fans of the series and those in the mood for some action.


The versions we tested were quite similar in terms of gameplaye while the technical sector reserved for the game on PlayStation 2 is much lower. Aside from the presence of aliasing and slower loading than Xbox, the thing that bothered us the most are the interruptions during the missions. The levels, in fact, on the Sony hardware, given their size, are broken up into two or three sections per mission and between a “block” and the other you have to endure long loads. Precisely because of these limitations present in the version for the Sony console, please take away from half a point to a whole point to the vote in the review.

With the advent of the next generation, all the most important publishers, for their most prestigious titles, have decided to publish various versions, using different game engines, in order to offer a product dedicated to the single console in which it will run. This is what happened to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter, Ubisoft’s flagship title for Xbox 360, which now also arrives on Xbox and PlayStation 2, developed for the occasion not by the American branch of the French publisher but directly by the Shanghai division. , will it be the same success?