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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Impressions of the Closed Beta

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Impressions of the Closed Beta

The mistake that is often made in front of a Open world it is to remain enchanted by its immensity, focusing solely and exclusively on the feeling of freedom that is breathed while wandering through the immense game map. Too often, for gamers and software companies, the extent of the explorable area and the number of side quests become the only perceivable value of the product, and thus we are faced with somewhat generic, non-specific sandboxes. , with bland and ineffective gameplay. Ghost Recon WildlandsFortunately, it is different.
The three days spent in the company of the Closed Beta have shown once and for all that, although the brand has decided to pursue the achievements of Far Cry, the tactical spirit of the saga in general has remained intact.
In fact, it represents a great added value for the Ubisoft production, which will be released on March 7. Because if it is true that the movements in the unlimited Bolivian territories make us run into a truly basic driving system, letting the wonderful South American views and certainly not the depth of the driving system provoke us during the journey, when you get into the action it really changes everything.

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Everywhere it has been read that different strategies can be adopted to face main and secondary missions, among them that of advancing with weapons to the front and slaughtering waves of drug traffickers with impunity. Although the system does not exclude this possibility, it is the very configuration of the game that strongly advises against such an approach. wild landsafter all, it always remains a Ghost Recon and hasn’t abandoned its strategic streak at all. Moving forward without careful planning means immediately falling under the opponent’s blows, finding yourself lying on the ground hoping that a teammate can revive you.
wild lands it’s a difficult and uncompromising title, and a couple of well-aimed bullets are enough to knock out an agent even on base difficulty (for the more adventurous, there are a couple of options that make the task even more difficult). Proceeding without first having carried out a careful reconnaissance of the area means not knowing where the threats may come from and, therefore, being forced, at best, into a hasty retreat. Drones and binoculars therefore become critical tools, and even the release of smaller outposts must be anticipated through careful site survey.
When going on the attack, it’s good to try to stay hidden, using sync fire to take out patrols in a coordinated fashion. Moving cautiously, studying patrol routes, surgically removing snipers and fixed positions, is the only way not to meet with an unseemly defeat. Raiding with weapons drawn should really be a last resort, which can be used after decimating the soldiers stationed in a base, to quickly eliminate the last remnants of armed resistance.
Here, in short, what is the true strength of Ghost Recon Wildlands: that the classic gameplay of the series is set within an open world structure; tactical but not simulateable, accessible but always stimulating. Bringing all of the achievements from Future Soldier’s Gunsmith as a feat, along with a character growth and development system that is well integrated with side activities and exploration. In addition to recovering weapon parts, new optics, and mods to make weapons more effective, you can actually dedicate yourself to accumulating resources and skill points, both of which are essential to unlocking new skills and futuristic gadgets.

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The operation, of course, is carried out rigorously patrolling the territories of Bolivia, with the risk that someone feels the weight of conceptual repetition, an unavoidable aspect of the genre to which they belong.
Understanding that every open world, even the most successful, sooner or later collides with the obstacle of reusing the same archetypes for the main and secondary activities, Ghost Recon Wildlands tries to solve this problem by focusing on two fundamental aspects. On the one hand, there is excellent design of the hottest areas: between outposts perched on isolated hills, ghost towns staffed by corrupt Unity agents, seemingly impregnable fortresses built near river bends, the region available in the closed beta It clearly demonstrates the development team’s attention to this aspect. The freedom that we talked about at the beginning, in the Ubisoft title, is therefore manifested in the possibility of choosing which direction to approach, which means to use for exfiltration, letting the player (or rather: the players) ) choose their own preferred paths. to lead the assault.
The other key aspect that makes wild lands a different title from almost all of his “colleagues” is the focus on the cooperative dimension. The fight against the organization Santa Blanca it can be played with three trusted companions, and it is precisely in this case that the game reveals its potential.

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Let me be clear: you need to assemble a tight-knit quartet of agents, constantly communicating via voice chat, but the joy of leading coordinated assaults and rigorously taking out opponents alongside your teammates is an undeniable gameplay enhancer. .
In short, net of some artificial intelligence blunders, the Bolivian operations that we faced during the test weekend were able to reassure us on the path traveled by this new Ghost Recon. wild lands is, in essence, a title that runs parallel to The division, designed for those who don’t like the MMO system and the focus on stats, but instead want more direct military action. Far from the hype Just cause and the like, ultimately eschews a light-hearted, light-hearted approach, demanding instead rigor, coordination, and tactics.
Enjoyable if played alone, it becomes more than brilliant if played in a group: the cooperative dimension makes it truly unique, distancing it not only from Open world most recent, but also those that will arrive in the coming months.
The online infrastructure, on the other hand, held up fairly well throughout the three days of Beta, and even if some last-minute optimization is certainly necessary, we expect the release phase to be generally peaceful. We also hope that, on the narrative front, Wildlands knows how to stand out in some way: the characterization of The dream, the ruthless drug trafficker at the head of the Santa Blanca, as well as the obsession with the cult of death and South American Santeria, are elements that stand out. To find out if the villain on duty and the setting will be as successful as the last Far Cry, we only have to wait a little over a month.