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Top 10 TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video in 2021

Top 10 TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video in 2021

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Amazon Prime is full of classic and recent TV series available for free to subscribers. If you’re looking to pick up a new show or revisit an old favorite, here are 10 awesome shows you can stream for free with Amazon Prime Video.

Also know as

Before taking over some of Hollywood’s biggest film franchises, JJ Abrams established his action credentials as the creator of the spy drama. Also know as. Jennifer Garner stars as Sydney Bristow, a CIA double agent who infiltrates an even more secretive and rogue spy agency.

The show is full of double and triple crosses and shifting allegiances, but even when the plot thickens, Garner keeps it going as a capable and determined Sydney. Abrams delivers exciting action and suspense without losing sight of the complex characters that bring the story to life.

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The Americans

Americans in The Americans Are Actually Soviets, spies holed up in suburban Washington, DC posing as your average married couple in the 1980s, a premise that could have been silly provides for gripping drama over the course of six seasons as agents. named Philip and Elizabeth Jennings (played by Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell) are torn between their loyalty to their homeland and their manufactured American life.

buffy the vampire slayer

Deconstructing the structure of horror movies is now old news, but Buffy the Vampire Slayer pioneered the clever subversion of horror clichés while creating a rich mythology of her own. Sarah Michelle Gellar plays the title character, a seemingly shallow teenager who is singled out as the one chosen to fight vampires and other forces of evil. Buffy and her friends mature and change over the course of seven seasons as they face off against a series of intricate and captivating villains.

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alarming news

There may have been a popular Saturday Night Live Sketch about a game show host asking contestants “What is Burn Notice?” Alarming news starring Jeffrey Donovan as a former CIA agent subject to a “burn notice,” which expels him from the intelligence community and freezes his assets.

Stuck in Miami, he takes odd jobs helping people in tough places, aided by several former associates of his, as he tries to figure out who is responsible for his situation.


Much more than a sitcom about community college students, Community uses this basic framework for a conscious deconstruction of various television genres and traditions. Creator Dan Harmon delivers brilliant and hilarious parodies of typical television episode structures while creating strong emotional bonds between the main characters.

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The community exhibits the kind of intricate weirdness that draws a devoted cult following, as well as the kind of romantic tension that inspires fans to invest deeply in potential relationships.

downton abbey

Creator Julian Fellowes brings a sweet human drama to the UK class system in Downton Abbey, which also focuses on the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants who live on the titular estate. It’s a gripping domestic drama that’s more about relationships than social change, yet all six seasons take place over 15 years and chronicle changing attitudes in British society.

The show is full of charming characters, from the eccentric and outspoken matriarch Crawley Violet (Maggie Smith) to the loyal and stifling butler Mr. Carson (Jim Carter).

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chip bag

Importing Chips into the UK is a perfect example of the benefits of the concentrated, self-contained model of British TV series. Creator and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge tells a poignant and sad story at the heart of all six episodes of the first season. The unnamed main character navigates her terrible personal life as she makes frequent sarcastic comments to the audience. She even matures a bit towards the end of season two, which tells an equally funny and heartwarming story.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

A dying best Amazon original series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is an exuberant love letter to 1950s and 1960s pop culture. Designer Amy Sherman-Palladino tells the story of the title character (played by Rachel Brosnahan), a housewife. from New York’s privileged home who gives up her life as consolation to pursue a career in Get Up.

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The show is full of quick jokes by fascinating characters dressed in colorful costumes. It is a celebration of the times with a look at the present.

star trek

Designer Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek wasn’t much enjoyed in its original three-season series from the 1960s, but it has become perhaps the most influential sci-fi television series of all time. Much of it still holds up remarkably well, providing stand-alone adventures as the crew of the starship Enterprise explore strange new worlds. Star Trek examines serious philosophical issues across alien civilizations, with a team of unique characters who remain icons of pop culture.

30 Rock

Tina Fey followed up her breakout moment on Saturday Night Live by creating and starring in this sitcom that takes place behind the scenes of a series of comedy sketches. The production of the show on the 30 Rock show is just background, though, and the real draw comes from the ensemble of bizarre characters and the sophisticated yet goofy jokes and skits.

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Fey’s TV producer Liz Lemon has a surprisingly sweet relationship with her demanding network boss (played by Alec Baldwin) and her show’s narcissistic stars (played by Tracy Morgan and Jane Krakowski).