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Two ways to get our password stolen

Two ways to get our password stolen

Internet users are exposed to a third party stealing or finding out their identification passwords, through techniques called “dictionary attacks” and “brute force attacks”.

Passwords have become the identification formula on the Internet, through which we show who we are to a system and prevent indiscriminate access by other users.

The so-called “dictionary attack” consists of, given a user name, testing passwords that are extracted from a list, which is done automatically via a program designed for that purpose, and as the source of the passwords to be tested is used dictionary entries, since many users use common words.

The “brute force attack” is very similar to the previous one, although instead of using a delimited list it uses all possible combinations of characters.

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A good practice is to create passwords that are at least eight characters long, made up of letters, digits, and special symbols. Use different passwords, especially in those services that contain confidential information, as is the case with electronic banking, and only use easy passwords for less compromised services.

Source: Todito.com