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VPNBook is a small free VPN provider that you don’t even need to create an account. Instead, it posts the details needed to connect to your VPN so anyone can use them with the appropriate software.

Advantage The drawbacks
Decent, but not the best security available Record your IP address and connection time
Anonymous, no registration details required Does not provide proprietary software
Earn money through donations, advertisements on your website, and paid service users. Very small group of servers
The paid service is quite expensive for what it is.


VPNBook uses 128-bit AES to encrypt your device’s connection to the VPN server. 128-bit AES is considered secure, but it does not offer as much security as 256-bit AES would.

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Tip: Encryption is a process of encrypting data with an encryption algorithm and key, so that it can only be decrypted and read with the encryption key. Protecting your communications to and from the VPN server with encryption means that you can be sure that no one else will be able to read the message.

VPNBook, PPTP, and OpenVPN use two protocols. PPTP is an old and weak VPN protocol that should no longer be used unless there are no other options. OpenVPN is the standard VPN protocol because it is very flexible, robust, and deeply analyzed.


VPNBook states that it does not store any browsing data in its privacy policy, but it does record your IP address and connection time to “reduce abusive activity.” Connection logs are automatically deleted once a week.

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If this data is legally requested by a law enforcement agency and passed on, it could be enough to involve you in legally questionable activities that you have carried out.

No IPv6, DNS, or WebRTC leaks were found with VPNBook.

Small network size

VPNBook only offers eight VPN servers, in five countries. The United States, France and Canada have two servers each, the rest are in Poland and Germany.


On its website, VPNBook claims that the US VPN server can unblock streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. P2P services like torrents are allowed on the two servers available in Poland and Germany.

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If VPNBook learns that you are abusing the system, including torrent copyrighted material, it reserves the right to ban your IP address.

Prices and platforms

VPNBook is primarily a free VPN provider, although it does have a paid dedicated VPN service that costs $ 7.95 per month and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The paid service gives you a dedicated VPN server, “500GB +” of monthly bandwidth, your choice of OpenVPN ports, and support for up to five simultaneous devices.

Since the service is offered as connection details for PPTP and OpenVPN, the service will work on any device that supports either of these two protocols. Support can be in the form of a native client or through a third-party client. This means that any desktop or mobile platform must be compatible with VPNBook.

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Apart from the features provided by the paid plan, VPNBook does not offer additional features such as a VPN kill switch or an ad blocker.

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