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We tried Ghost Recon Wildlands – Ghost War

We tried Ghost Recon Wildlands – Ghost War

Ubisoft’s open world shooter opens up to PvP – we tested it

With Ghost Recon Wildlands Ubisoft has done what was reasonable to expect: take one of the most popular licenses ever in the world of shooters and action games, then put it at the service of that open world structure that has given so much satisfaction in recent years. to the French house. The possibility of playing in a cooperative, a huge explorable environment and the prospect of tracking down dangerous drug traffickers have done the rest, creating a product that may not be revolutionary, but is undoubtedly able to entertain and create interesting team dynamics. The next step (and perhaps the heaviest lack up to this point) was of course represented by the addition of PvP, perhaps capable of maintaining the freedom of movement typical of the title and taking it to a different field, that of clashes between two teams from four players each. Everything will soon become reality thanks to Ghost War, a free update that we were able to try out during the GamesCom 2017 and about which we are writing now after a long embargo.

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We must tell the truth, the first few minutes of testing left us a bit perplexed: Ghost Recon Wildlands was appreciated for the vastness of its game world, the vehicles and the many solutions available to players, all elements that in Ghost War have disappeared in favor not only of clashes between very small groups of users, but also of arenas cut out from the large main map but really contained in terms of size and without the presence of means. In short, the risk that the original experience had been reduced to a “banal” third-person shooter seemed rather concrete. In reality, things went a little differently over the course of the abundant hour of play. There remains a certain lack of originality in the mechanics of Ghost War, but it seems that the original gameplay lends itself well to the competitive sphere.

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The choice of class passes from the usual stylistic features of the genre, so there are characters more suited to close combat rather than long-range shots or the support of teammates. More than the ability to aim, it seemed to us that Ghost Recon Wildlands – Ghost War values ​​team play a lot.: the use of drones to identify enemies and voice communication make all the difference in the world when you have to go and track down the members of the enemy team, while the knowledge that if you die you will have to wait for the end of the turn to come back to life adds that dose of adrenaline that pushes to pay attention as much as ever. And at the same time it opens the way to situations in which a single heroic user defeats two or three opponents, turning the tide of the match. There are generally some lessons that Ubisoft seems to have learned from the resounding success of Rainbow Six Siege, here proposed and adapted in a less tactical and pushed context, but nevertheless well studied. Even the maps, at first somewhat anonymous, reproduce standard settings such as quarries, glimpses of a forest and small agglomerations of buildings, which however guarantee that variety capable of always varying the situations in front of us and at the same time requesting a careful choice of classes. In short, yes, this is something more, but the free package, the upcoming open beta and the solid gaming experience make it a gift, if it can be defined as such, very welcome that he wants and has all the potential to bring back the users on the title. At least for a few more hours of shooting.