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What are IFC files? – ExpertGeek

One file that uses the IFC file extension is an Industry Foundation Classes file. The IFC file format is developed by BuildingSMART and is used by building information modeling (BIM) programs to store data on architecture, building, and the construction industry. There are three variations of the file format, IFC-SPF, IFC-XML, and IFC-ZIP. SPF is a human-readable text format, XML is an XML format, and ZIP is a compressed format that contains an embedded version of one of the other two formats.

How to open IFC files?

Any text editor can open the IFC-SPF variant because they are written in plain text, an XML viewer is ideal for the IFC-XML file format version, and any decompression program can decompress the compressed file format. For proper design and 3D representation of data, a BIM program is ideal.

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What programs work with IFC files?

Several free or open source tools are available that can fully render IFC data such as Areddo, BIM Beaver, and BIM Surfer. Professional tools that can open IFC files include Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture, GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD, Tekla BIMsight, Autodesk Revit, and Adobe Acrobat DC. These pro-level tools typically contain larger tool sets and are better supported. Solibri IFC Optimizer can open IFC files, but just to reduce their file size, it cannot display any data from the file.

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