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What will be, will be… what Apple will present at NAB

What will be, will be… what Apple will present at NAB

In this first entry that the delegation from the Ciudad de la Luz Study Center makes for faq-mac, we are going to comment on what is expected at the NAB fair. And it is that there are going to be many novelties that are presented from all kinds of manufacturers and brands for the audiovisual market. Here, however, we will focus on what’s new from Apple.

Lights, camera… Apple

With these three words, Apple extended its invitation to this Sunday’s keynote, which is also “pre-NAB”, since it will be held at 11:00 on Sunday at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, 8:00 p.m. Spanish time, one day before the fair officially starts. It is clear that this is where Apple will present the bulk of its news, since in later days it could also announce something else. But the move serves him so that throughout the fair he talks mainly, and first of all, about what Apple has said and presented.

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It seems obvious that Apple’s video suite is going to be updated, Final Cut Studio, and applications like “Final Cut Pro 6” are self-evident. The question is that more than just an update is expected of each program. Why? Perhaps there are 3 keys that indicate that we are not facing a routine update of each program in the suite: Final Cut Pro 6, Motion 3, Soundtrack Pro 2, DVD Studio Pro 5 and Compressor 3.

The 3 keys to the new Final Cut Studio

1.- Shake 4.1, now available, is officially the latest version of this program… who will be the successor? a “Phenomenon”? Will it merge with “Motion”?

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two.- final touch. Apple bought the company of this color correction software (we can see the purchase note on the manufacturer’s website (http://www.siliconcolor.com), a program that will undoubtedly be used to form part of the new suite from Apple but… will it be a standalone program, will it be merged with Final Cut Pro?

3.- Proximity. Apple also bought this “audiovisual database management” software (we can see the purchase note on the manufacturer’s website (http://www.proximitygroup.com). The latter has created a lot of expectation for the new suite, since that, unlike the other possible novelties, this one has no precedent in the current version of Final Cut Studio.

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On the other hand, there are also rumors regarding new hardware such as new screens with more inches (intended for the 4K edition?), new MacBook Pros, Blu-Ray drives, etc., but with the presentation a few days ago of the Mac 8-core Pro (something that was expected to be presented at the keynote), it is not clear to us if there will be any hardware news.

And lastly, indicate that we also consider more than relevant the role of Leopard in the new suite… can you imagine Motion directly using “Core Animation“? just BEAUTIFUL. But of course, after the official announcement of the delay of Leopard for October… we will have to wait if they tell us that until October we will not have available functionalities….

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In future entries we will also comment on the anecdotes of this trip, which only yesterday on the Alicante-Madrid route, we already had a few, we will only tell you one: one woman tells another “Youtube is complicated…… but……. it’s cool”. Ein????

Anyway, we’ll leave you because we didn’t make it to the plane and they’re waiting for us in Philadelphia.

Greetings to all.

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