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Where to find a detector to disable an alien billboard in Fortnite

Where to find a detector to disable an alien billboard in Fortnite

Looking for a detector to disable an alien billboard in Fortnite? The aliens in the latest Fortnite season are trying to take over the world, but we’re going to stop that. It appears that aliens are using their abilities to take control of billboards, allowing them to display whatever message they want. Deactivating an alien billboard requires a detector, a special item found inside a briefcase located somewhere on the map.

Some of the other challenges this week include eliminating intruders, placing a bioscanner in an alien biome, and placing spy probes in specific locations. With the season finale of Fortnite fast approaching, it looks like we’re going to put an end to the alien invasion once and for all by actively disrupting its plans and figuring out what its overall goals are through the use of our own reconnaissance technology.

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To top it all, completing all of these challenges rewards you with a wealth of experience, allowing you to unlock large portions of the Battle Pass. Take a look at the new Fortnite skins for this season to see exactly what you can win.

Use the detector to disable an alien billboard

The easiest way to complete this mission is to land directly on the water feature at Misty Meadows. You should be able to find a black box next to the water fountain that contains the detector. Equip the detector and run past the park bench and the big tree: the one next to the store.

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Go up the hill and when you approach the billboard, it will change to display the message: SEND. Hold E to deactivate the alien billboard, preventing the message from reappearing. You must perform both steps on the same matchOtherwise, the challenge will not reward you with experience points.

And that’s all you need to do to find the detector and disable an alien billboard in Fortnite. Although the aliens currently invading Fortnite may have bad intentions, that’s certainly not the case with the Kymera skin found in the battle pass. Kymera seem to be on the bright side, and you can make them look great by collecting lots of alien artifacts from Fortnite.

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