WiMax will bring the Information Society to hard-to-reach communities


The speakers at Campus TI held in Valencia assured in their conclusions that WiMAX, the wireless broadband technology that provides coverage to communities with difficult access, will allow the definitive development of the Information Society. They all agreed that these systems “will increasingly gain a greater presence and importance within Spanish companies and households.”

Iberbanda’s Director of Technology, Pablo Comellas, indicated that “WiMAX is the technology that will definitely allow the generalized development of the Information Society.”

WiMAX technology allows the wireless deployment of broadband Internet access and is especially suitable for covering hard-to-reach areas, thereby avoiding cabling that can be very difficult to deploy and not very profitable.

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During this course, the security of WiFi networks was also analyzed and warned about the lack of security and protection suffered by these wireless networks, although they pointed out that fortunately, the securing of WiFi environments is easily accessible and if it is not carried out it is Mainly due to ignorance, since these systems have incorporated important security measures, which must be activated.

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