Xbox Game Pass not making a lot of money now? For Microsoft it is not a problem: the community counts


Following the Xbox Games Showcase conference, dedicated to the presentation of the Xbox Series X line, Arron Greenberg, CEO of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Marketing department, was able to give a large number of interviews.

Among the latter, there is also an interesting intervention in the digital room “What is good games”, the executive discussed various aspects of the development strategy of the House of Redmond, sharing interesting considerations on the future support to Xbox Game Pass. Greenberg identified the subscription service as a clear expression of Microsoft’s willingness to meet the needs of your community: The service, in particular, offers an excellent alternative for all those who do not have the opportunity to buy all the games they would like to play at full price.

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When asked about the financial sustainability of the service, Greenberg highlighted how, in this specific case, the focal point is not represented by the economic return, but rather of building a community of enthusiasts who appreciate the service, recognize its value and, consequently, recommend it to their network of acquaintances. So, Greenberg concludes, even if Xbox Game Pass doesn’t offer big short-term returns, it’s still a strategic investment for the game. long-term Xbox growth. As expected, the service will also be present in the future Xbox Series X.

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