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Xbox Series X: little nextgen at the July event ‘due to Game Pass’, for an insider

As tipster Tidux suggested, there would have been little next-gen gameplay at the Xbox Series X event on July 23 due to Microsoft’s desire to focus its digital program solely and exclusively on those titles destined to land on Game Pass.

reflecting on the different communication strategy Printed by Microsoft and Sony to illustrate their next-gen vision, Tidux begins by stating on social media that “The games from the last PlayStation event had requirements to meet (appear on the show, ed) a.: They had to run on a PS5 , they had to deliver gameplay scenes and they had to showcase some of the power and innovation that the next generation Sony console has to offer. The only requirement for Xbox Games Showcase games was to have to land on Game Pass.”

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Further emphasizing the concept, the I notice insider specified that “I know some developers who have made a marketing deal with Microsoft who wanted to show off their next-gen games, but were denied that because those games weren’t meant to make it to Game Pass.”

According to Tidux, therefore, much of the criticism leveled at Microsoft for the absence of nextgen gameplay cutscenes from the July 23 event (not to mention the Halo Infinite graphics controversy) would have been avoided by welcoming business partners. when showing. they wanted to show theirs gaming in action on Xbox Series X. Among those who wanted to comment on the insider’s statements on social networks, there are also those who, in light of these rumours, would have advised the Redmond house to name the event “Xbox Game Pass Exhibition”, highlighting the link between the Xbox Game Pass service subscription and the nextgen proposal of the American company.

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