Xbox Series X price will be “critical factor”, says Phil Spencer


Xbox boss Phil Spencer is at the moment of publicizing the Xbox Series X from Microsoft. The company has been talking a lot more about its next-generation console than Sony, and officially unveiled it long before the PS5. There has been a lot of speculation, a lot of talk about technology, but really what many people are thinking is much simpler: what will the price be? Well, Spencer is not yet ready to put that aside, but he understands a lot about how important it is.

Appearing on IGN’s Next Gen Watch, Spencer talked a little about the next Xbox. Much of this was mainly reviewing the comments made on IGN’s Unlocked podcast, such as addressing concerns about system lag due to COVID-19. When it came to price, he didn’t know the price, but he said he was aware that the price would be the “critical factor” for many consumers.

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Spencer said the price of the Xbox Series X is still “nimble”, even when we’re close to launch, although what exactly that means is unclear. While online enthusiasts like to talk about power, graphics and frame rate, for the average price, that price will be above anything else. People speculate based on looking at individual prices, with many assuming we have some pretty expensive pieces of hardware out there. We’ll just have to wait and see when the Xbox Series X arrives.

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