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Xbox Series X | S and One with Amazon Alexa: Cortana retires

Xbox Series X | S and One with Amazon Alexa: Cortana retires

Xbox Series X | S and One will be able to interact more deeply with Amazon Alexa through a new, more advanced specific app that will replace Cortana.

Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One they will soon have anspecific app dedicated to Amazon Alexa which will allow amore advanced interaction with the famous virtual assistant, with additional voice commands and the possibility of using it through consoles. Amazon’s voice assistant will replace Cortana, Microsoft’s native AI inspired by the famous Halo character.

A skill specifically dedicated to Xbox on Amazon Alexa has already been available for some time, but this new app currently in testing should allow you to use the voice commands Alexa to control some features of the consoles, complete with video elements shown on the screen.

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Since there is no more Kinect, however, you will still need to have an Alexa device, such as Amazon Echo or similar connected to the Xbox console, in order to interact with artificial intelligence. Once the connection between the Amazon Alexa device and the Xbox is made, it will be possible to use a series of voice commands.

Among these, it will be possible turn on and off the console, launch a game calling it by name, checking what’s new (on Xbox Game Pass, for example), opening video streaming apps like Netflix or Prime Video, pausing and checking video content, telling Xbox to record clips, or invite friends to a game online.

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Also, other commands should display items on the screenas an integral part of the Xbox interface, such as the ability to listen to music on the console, consult emails, schedule the calendar, see the weather and even view the video intercom on the TV screen, for compatible devices.