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Xbox Series X | S and PS5: consoles and pads compared in a series of images

You already know that in the newsroom we have a unit of each of the three next generation consoles that will arrive in the next few weeks, that is to say Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5. If you are curious to see the dimensions in comparison, here are a series of images to help you better understand the size of each console.

It is a gallery made up of five photographs that show in detail the dimensions of the three gaming machines and their relative controller. As you can easily guess at first glance, the biggest of the trio is undoubtedly PlayStation 5, which earns the title of Most impressive console of the next generation and dominates the small and inexpensive Xbox Series S, whose dimensions are incredibly small and allow gamers to display it anywhere without posing any particular problems in terms of footprint. Instead, it’s in the middle of the Xbox Series X, whose size is not excessive but still requires a bit of extra space as far as the game is concerned.height (as long as you want to place it vertically), also because holes for hot air outlet They are placed not only at the rear but also at the top of the console, so it is advisable to ensure that it “breathes” to ensure the correct temperatures for proper operation.

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Before leaving the image gallery, we remind you that on our pages you will also find the unboxing of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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