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Yesterday the first Spanish RootServer started working

With the new root server, Spain ceases to depend on other countries to become a reference center for Internet traffic in the Mediterranean basin and in the EMEA area.

The new primary domain server, which will be run in Madrid by the Espanix association, is one of the two copies of one of the 13 major network controllers around the world. They are the so-called root servers, large networks of cables and circuits that make it possible to surf the Internet. Of these, 10 are in the United States, and the rest, in Japan, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

In the same way, these systems manage to translate the language of the domains into IP addresses that allow the Internet user to access the website that interests him; To do this, a DNS server (Domain Name Server) provided by the access provider (ISP) is used. Finally, these servers necessarily depend on the root servers, which manage to direct the voluminous data traffic of the Internet. What’s more, it is up to them to tell computers around the world how to get to a certain Internet domain.

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