YouTube will finally support Picture-in-Picture feature on iOS


YouTube will finally offer native Picture in Picture (PiP) support on iOS soon. For now, it is only known that this function will first be deployed in the United States and later it will be launched globally in a phased manner.

The company tells MacRumors that it is “beginning to roll out PiP for YouTube Premium members on iOS and plans to release PiP for all US iOS users.” He didn’t say when, or even if, PiP support is expected to reach YouTube users outside of the US, but will presumably expand to other markets eventually.

Apple brought PiP, which allows a miniature video player to appear on top of other content, to the iPhone with the release of iOS 14 in 2020. (The feature was originally exclusive to iPads with iPadOS 13). Netflix, Hulu, and many other video-based platforms were quick to update their apps to support the feature.

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YouTube hasn’t been in such a rush. For a time it was possible to view videos of the platform in PiP through its mobile website, but that function was restricted to YouTube Premium subscribers in September 2020. There are solutions based on the shortcut automation tool, but neither they are always reliable.

This is a familiar pattern for the platform. Background audio playback is limited to YouTube Premium subscribers, for example, even though the feature is built into iOS. The only way around those restrictions is to start a video in the Safari browser and use the Control Center to play it while the device is locked.

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It’s unfortunate that PiP support is restricted to YouTube Premium subscribers in the US to begin with, but as long as those limitations are really temporary, this should be a welcome change for those who don’t want to rely on workarounds. to make the world’s most popular video platform support a built-in iOS feature.


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